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Thank You

Dear J,

We've never met but I've heard about you.  And I want to say "Thank YOU".  It seems a little empty, it feels a little late.  You will never get to read this but I just want to say that my family and I appreciate the ultimate sacrafice you have made for our country.  Right now your family and friends are wondering why.  Why this happened to you, to them.  Your surviving team is probably wondering why it wasn't them but alternately glad it wasn't.  No matter, everyone is angry, hurt, devestated.  Life will never be the same for anyone in your close circle.

We would have met this summer.  And I'd like to think you would have shared some funny stories about K.  Maybe even some slightly embarrassing tales!  I'm sorry we will never have that chance.  I'm sorry those closest to you are hurting.  And I'm sorry we live in a world where things like this can happen. 

So, thank you again, for serving our country, may your family know peace and comfort soon.  God bless.


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