wADmM5mNLtOv064mhMCS_CYE3Bc Just Dorothy: February 2011

Once upon a time

There was a girl that lived in the desert.  She didn't like the heat but she had a good job and a nice family that lived near by. 

The girl moved to the midwest and got buried in the snow and froze to death.

The end.

Potty mouth

Ryan has a potty mouth.  And I'm not too bothered by it.  Is that so wrong?  He knows what words bother me and he doesn't say those in front of me.  But others like the S word or the D word or the B word...those don't really bother me.  Most parents would freak out.  Not me.  He self censors and is sure not to say those words in front of people he shouldn't.  I know other parents would be freaked out at this and probably call me a bad parent.  But...I'm just not bothered by it. 

I don't feel guilty. I don't!

Ahhh, a day off, all to myself!  I can enjoy the peace and quiet that is "the home with no boys", except...

So this morning, as with every school day morning, Zach puts on "the show".  The hacking cough, you know, the one that sounds like it's coming from his belly button because he's forcing himself to do it so hard, mouth wide open, etc, etc.  The low, raspy, "I don't feel good" comment, complete with half closed eyes, mopey face.  Yeah, THAT show. 

This kid runs around all day at school, comes home, plays basketball, plays on the computer, plays xbox, reads his book, eats dinner, showers and I swear to God he sings while doing ALL of those things, couldn't sound and act like a happier kid.  And then.  Yes, and then....

"HACKCOUGHCOUGHCOUCHHACK", "Mom, I don't feel good."  And here is my standard reply:  "Don't give me that crap Zachary, you do this every night.  You ARE going to school tomorrow so don't even start.  You just ran around here like a chicken with your head cut off and you now you say you don't feel good?  Drink some water and go poop."  And his standard reply is, "Is that your answer for everything?  Water and pooping don't solve everything."  Sigh. 

So, back to this mornings show: 
Zach: "Mom, I don't feel good"
Me: *See standard reply above"
Zach: "This time it's REAL!!"

I take his temp.  None.  A perfect 98.6.

Me: "You don't have a fever, eat breakfast, you'll feel better"
Zach: *Sounds of stomping off, slamming drawers, getting dressed* "FINE, LET'S GO.  NOW"
Me:  "Hang on, Ryan's not ready yet, we've still got time"

I drop them off at school and try not to speed away as soon as they slam the doors. 

Fast forward to 11:00 am.  "Hi Alicia, it's Nurse Julie.  Got the day off?  Well not anymore, I'm sending a sick kid home to ya.  Zach's running a fever of 101."

And guess who is now playing xbox and singing his little heart out?


Lately things have just been rather suckish around here.  It started with the leak slash pipes slash carpet cleaning fiasco slash concrete cutting contractors slash big money.  And now we have the sick kid.  Only we don't know what kind of sick kid we have.  He has a very low white blood cell count.  And it could mean any number of things.  But we do know that it is NOT mono.  It might be a virus that he had and it caused his count to fall and we might never figure out what it was.  Or it might be leukemia.  Or it might not be leukemia.  So...we wait some more.  It's been a tortureous week of waiting already. 

It's safe to say that he's feeling better.  He was beating on his little brother last night.  Still doesn't have much of an appetite and has lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks or so.  But he did eat a whole Subway sandwich today.  So we are hoping, wishing, praying, waiting. 

In the meantime we've had some great waiting room conversations.  And by we I mean Ryan and Steve.  They talk about the possibility of zombies taking over the planet.  They even get the doctor in on the conversation.  It's pathetic and hilarious at the same time.  They talk about it like it could actually happen, both of them totally convinced.  Cracks me up.

Wedding Bands

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing wedding bands and came across one called Black and Gold.  The lead female vocalist has a powerful voice and amazing stage energy!  Their genre is Pop/Rock and their song lists include everything from Queen to Beyonce.  Throw in covers of The Jackson Five and Lady GaGa and you've got a great list that will be sure to have your guests out on the dance floor!  Between all the bandmates they have extensive experience playing with famous names including Taio Cruz and Berverly Knight.  They've also played at large events and venues like Wembley Stadium and Glastonbury. 

Black and Gold's cover of Beyonce's Crazy in Love is awesome! Lady Marmalade made me want to dance.  The band is young and energetic and very talented.  If you are in the market for wedding bands click the link to visit the website!

Valentine's Day - Love it or Loathe it?

It rolls around every year, this thing called Valentine's Day. I'm not really sure what the big deal is. Didn't we just get done with Christmas and gift buying? Steve and I don't really go out of our way to plan anything for this day. We might pick something up for each other but we don't really do all the hearts and flowers and junk like that. Actually, I bought flowers Saturday because I was at the store and it was the first nice, warm day we've had and they just felt like spring so I was inspired to buy them. But not because it was Valentine's day. I also happened to pick up a food processor that I wanted and Steve said he'd get for me for Valentine's day because I was there at the store and he wasn't. I also picked up the movie he wanted. Is this wrong? That we don't go all out for this "holiday"? It doesn't make me feel bad. But it makes me feel weird that I'm ok with not making it a big deal. Should I get all hyped up about it and stuff? I could just be over thinking it, too, right?

When will they invent bleach for your brain?

You know how you see or hear one of those things that you just wish you hadn't and there is nothing you can do to erase it from your memory. It becomes permanantely implanted in your brain like a bad, obnoxious jingle and you just can't get rid of it. You want to Clorox your brain to make it all go away. I had one of those moments today before I even got to work. I saw that one of our moms signed up for a contest to be vajazzled. If you don't know what that is, google it.

Thanks for that image "mom" ~ please pass the bleach.

Dear Samuel

I'm so excited you are finally here! We've waited and waited for you, sometimes not very patiently. It just shows you how anxious we were to have you in our family. You were loved the minute we knew you were coming and you were positively adored by the time you arrived.

Your cousins can't wait to meet you. I can't wait to meet you, either! In April I will visit you and we will spend lots and lots of time cuddling. And in July we will all be there to celebrate you and Auntie Amy's wedding to Uncle Kevin. We all love you very much, our newest nephew, my dearest Sam!

Auntie Leeshie

Aging part deux

Pathetic. Seriously pathetic. Darling and I went to the store last night and we were trying to read food lables. I'm all, "what does that say?" he's all, "I don't know, I can't tell. I can' see it." I'm all, "yeah, me either, but I think it's got the bad junk in it that we can't have." And he's all, "yeah, but what are we supposed to eat? It says we can have cheddarwurst." And I'm all, "uh-huh but we're not supposed to have the nitrates or nitrites or whatever the hell they are. Is that what that says, nitrates?" And he's all, "I don't know, it's too small to read!"

Uh-huh, that's the way we roll now.

Under construction

I'm making a few changes to the blog and it's definitely a learning process! I'm trying to add a slideshow of photos but it's not working...yet. I'll be patient if you will! :)

Just practicing: this is my brother. he's not really stacked like a girl.

Keep your pants on! Things you never thought you'd say to your tween.

My kids would rather go naked than wear clothes. Even in the dead of winter. It's below freezing out and Zach wanted to wear shorts to school this morning. Every day it's the same thing: I force him to wear pants to school and he does but the turd wears shorts underneath. By the time I pick him up from school he's only got shorts on. When the mornings were cold last week but the afternoons got up to almost 50 degrees this wasn't a problem, although I suspect that as soon as he gets out of my sight he's peeling off the pants and going in shorts all damn day.

Like I said, this morning he tried to wear just shorts. It's 0 out. Zero. ZERO! Oh no, I said, you are wearing pants. And by the way he refuses to wear jeans. So it's all basketball pants. Not even thicker sweatpants or fleece or anything, so it's not like they are warm. So he puts pants on over the shorts and we walk out the door. He's getting out of the car, the door wide open and I look at him and shout, "KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! I SWEAR ZACHARY, YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR PANTS ON TODAY!" And don't even get me started on the fact that neither boy will wear a coat.


Wow, ok, last week was the shock at the realization that Vince Neil is turning 50. Today I saw Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing)in a commercial for Miracle Ear! Say it isn't so...Bobby Ewing getting old. It's all over for the rest of us then. I mean, he's still older than me but still. Miracle Ear!

Jello kicked my butt

Trying low carb living here at the hacienda. Yesterday was the first "full" day of it and it was a bit difficult. By 7pm I would have killed for a cookie. I tried sugar free jello because it's a "legal" food. I'm not a jello fan so I'm kind of mentally challenged when it comes to preparing it. I know, I know, it sounds easy, right? Mix the gelatin with boiling water and then add a cup of cold water. Let it sit for 4 hours. Easy enough. But what if you don't want to wait four hours because, ummm, you could kill for a cookie? Use the "quick set" method. Ok, makers of jello. This didn't work out for me. Between the boiling water, the cold water with ice and removing the ice something got lost in the translation and I have a bowl of semi gelatinous jello goo and a bowl of liquid orange jello. I think I'm of average intelligence but seriously, jello? Beyond me. So today I went with the good old fashioned "easy" method and it's setting up nicely, thank you very much. Now I'm going to try to make my own whipped topping. Should be interesting.