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Wedding Bands

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing wedding bands and came across one called Black and Gold.  The lead female vocalist has a powerful voice and amazing stage energy!  Their genre is Pop/Rock and their song lists include everything from Queen to Beyonce.  Throw in covers of The Jackson Five and Lady GaGa and you've got a great list that will be sure to have your guests out on the dance floor!  Between all the bandmates they have extensive experience playing with famous names including Taio Cruz and Berverly Knight.  They've also played at large events and venues like Wembley Stadium and Glastonbury. 

Black and Gold's cover of Beyonce's Crazy in Love is awesome! Lady Marmalade made me want to dance.  The band is young and energetic and very talented.  If you are in the market for wedding bands click the link to visit the website!


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