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About Me

I always try to think of something clever to say when it comes to "About Me" on pages and sites. It never quite works out for me though. It seems so boring to go with the whole "I'm a mom and I love my kids" all the time. But it's true! I adore them, as I should, right? But I'm not JUST a mom. I'm also a wife. Which bugs me too. Not that I am a wife, just that it's my go-to description of me. So, here's a different way of looking at just "wife and mother".

I'm a taxi driver, getting my kids to 6:15 am practices, to youth, to games. A referee when they fight, an arbitrator when they argue, a sideline mom cheering for each of them (and, by the way, I'm learing a great deal about football and finally learned what a "screen" is in basketball)and a short order cook. I'm a teacher when they come home with homework and a confidante when they have trouble with friends. I'm a laundry master (not really, I try to leave that to everyone else in the house, i.e. hubby) and a cover fluffer for our youngest. When I'm not at home I'm at work, helping to shape 17 3-5 year old brains at a preschool. Not really, I'm just the director so I mostly work with the parents but I do enjoy (aaaahem)spending time with them most of the time. Most are delightful. I'm my husband's best friend and he is mine and we've been married for 16 years. I'm also his confidante and arbitrator with the kids sometimes, just like he is mine.

I could go on and say I'm a sister, a daughter and a friend, so on and so forth, but don't you have better things to do than read more about moi?? :)

Peace and Joy,

The boy and the girl that fell in love, many years later.