wADmM5mNLtOv064mhMCS_CYE3Bc Just Dorothy: I'm judging you because you are judgy

I'm judging you because you are judgy

Everyone has an opinion.  And I am entitled to my own.  I do not have to be entitled to yours.  Yet you push it on me.  I must like the things you like and I must agree with the things you find good and the things you find deplorable.  What you find important, I must do the same.  Because if I don't...

You will judge me.

If I am not enraged by abortion then I must not be Christian.  If I agree with marriage equality I must be liberal.  If I do not agree with your opinions then I just must be dumb.

Recently on social media (well, always on social media) someone made a comment about focusing on the wrong things.  That we were focusing on praising an award winner instead of focusing on organs being sold from aborted fetuses.  And my first thought was not about organs from an aborted fetus, it was, why do I need to talk about, think about, comment about, focus on, only what you think the focus should be on?  When you turn to Facebook for serious issues and news, well...shake my head.  Yes, places like Twitter and Facebook can be great resources for getting the information out there, but beyond that...

Take the icebucket challenge for ALS.  How many that posted the videos on Facebook of them dousing themselves with a bucket of icewater actually made a donation to the cause?  My guess is that the ratio was small.

Back to being judgy.  So, because the collective we are not focusing on what the collective you deem important, the collective you judges us as uncaring, unmoved people that don't care.

But take a moment to think about why someone would focus on one thing and not the other.  Think about why maybe one issue wouldn't be important to them when another would.  See the bigger picture, get outside of your narrow opinion box and focus on the bigger picture.  The world does not revolve around the issues you think are important.  Just as it does not revolve around the issues that I think are important.

On another judgy note, stop judging people by appearances.  You have no idea what they have been through.  We all are guilty of it.  Every single one of us.  The lady with the drawn on eyebrows that were very crooked and nearly met in the middle.  Yes it's funny and ridiculous and we did laugh.  Not to her face, that would be rude and uncalled for.  But maybe she was legally blind and couldn't see properly to draw them on.  Maybe she lost them due to cancer and thought having drawn on crooked ones was better than not having any at all.  Yesterday we saw a young man in the store that was decked out in gear.  I can't even really say what kind of hear but he had a huge knife (real? not sure) attached to his belt, a crocodile Dundee hat, long sleeved black shirt, dark brown military type pants and combat boots.  And a huge scarf, the type military wear (I'm pretty sure).  He looked like he was probably ready to hunt.  He was probably 14 or 15.  We could judge that.  There are all kinds of things we could say about that.  But why?  It wasn't hurting anyone but maybe him.  Long sleeved shirts, pants, and scarves don't really work when it's 107 degrees.  Maybe he was going hunting, maybe he had just come back from a hunt, maybe he was mentally disabled and this was really cool to him.  Whatever.

So here's the bottom line for me: Live and let live.  Stop being self righteous.  Disagree with me? Terrific!  Just don't judge me because of it.  Judge me not for my appearance, because if you don't like it, just don't look.  But judge me for my actions.  And I will do the same.


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