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It's always interesting

Periodically I check the stats on this little blog of mine.  And it always is interesting to me to see which posts are read the most, how long ago they were written, and who is reading them.  The US is always the first on the leader board with the UK a distant second, sometimes 3rd. 

It's a hoot when I see that people from Germany, India, or the Ukraine have read Dorothy.  When I checked today though, Russia is in the lead and the numbers are pretty huge for them for the week.  And I can see which posts are the most popular.  Always, always the Baby Jesus Hot Dog and the Baby Jesus Peanut post is looked up.  It makes me wonder what the heck people are Googling! 

I also noticed that the last 3 months the views have climbed significantly.  Whatever the reason, whoever the audience, I'm really appreciative.  I'm not sure they find what they are searcing for but I hope at the very least they are entertained!

2012 Wrap-up

We didn't send out Christmas cards this year and I didn't send out a Christmas letter.  I did that once when we first moved out of state and it was 5 pages long and I vowed to never bore anyone that much again.  So now...I just blog!

December of 2011 was pretty cool in Nebraska.  Very little snow on the ground for that day and we just hung around the house, the 4 of us with our dogs and our little cat.  We watched basketball and had a movie marathon and it was nice and relaxing.  It was also our last away from family.  I was happy that Christmas but hadn't been home for any holiday in 4 years and I couldn't take it anymore.  In February we put the house on the market and moved back home in April.  Ryan told me that his friend Cole said there was 8 inches of snow on the ground yesterday in Minden.  Not here...

Earlier this month, we got to go look at Christmas lights ... without wearing hats or coats or gloves.  Or shoveling out the driveway.
From May to July I searched and searched for a job and was extremely stressed at not being able to find one.  And then, dream job!  Librarian at the elementary school 4 blocks from my house.  Zach goes to the school too, so it's perfect.  The high school Ryan goes to is literally in our back yard.  He hops the fence and walks across the street.  We can see the Performing Arts Center from our window.  I can also see the mountain views from our windows too...
Ryan played football this year, of course.  And Bean played basketball...
This football season was the first time the Wolves had ever won section Champs.  The team went undefeated in division games and lost only 2 non-division games.  It was pretty awesome!  Zach's 7th grade team had a pretty good season and were eliminated in the first round of playoffs.  It was just fun to watch both boys play and be active. 
We were able to return to family camp in California this year.  So much fun!  I missed this place...
Since we've been home we've made it to several birthday parties for family.  Zach turned 13 and Ryan turned 17.

And Kevin came home from Afghanistan!  That's his "mean" face... :)
And we've had our first Christmas back...

So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Here's hoping 2013 is an amazing year for everyone!  


The Ugly Truth

Due to the sad, sad events of Friday, today at work we had a lock down drill.  We had discussions with parents and meetings with law enforcement.  Our principals and our Superindendent will meet this week to discuss ways we can keep our campus safer.  Because as our police officer pointed out, it's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when". 

Our town is small.  Not rural, like a few other schools within our district, but small and a little out of the way.  You kind of have to know where you are going "up the hill" if you want to find us.  It doesn't make us any safer, although we'd like to think so. 

We've all been told to be hyper-vigilant, be more aware of who is on campus and why.  Right now, many, many parents walk their kids directly to class in the morning and wait right outside the gate for afternoon pick up.  There is some discussion on whether or not to take that option away, at least for the drop off.  We all have mixed feelings about it.  And different reasons for those mixed feelings.  We will discuss on whether or not we want to have an auto lock on the front office entrance and "buzz" people in.  There are mixed feelings on that too. 

But, this afternoon, one of the Kinders came in to the office and was waiting to talk to the principal.  He was in a bit of trouble and sat quietly waiting, his brown eyes huge, taking everything in.  His blond hair was messy and he was completely adorable.  And I felt so unbareably sad.  Those poor, innocent, precious children, barely more than babies really, the same as this little one sitting before me.  And they are gone. 

So, yes, if that means a little bit of extra work on staff's part, if that means more taxpayer money or bond overrides or whatever, I will never complain or roll my eyes or even sigh heavily at the school for going "overboard".  Because it means that our children are a little bit safer. Because it's not a matter of "if"...

So yesterday...

My intentions were to create a birthday post Thursday night or Friday morning for my wonderful kiddo, John Ryan.  I didn't do it and now I regret it because his special day has passed and it turned out to be a day that really, truly sucked.

It started out great.  We woke up, slapped his butt, said happy birthday, gave hugs all around and headed out for school and work.  I had promised I'd make his cake when I got home later that afternoon and we'd open gifts after he and his girlfriend got back from dinner.  And then I got sick and came home.  My mom called me and asked if I'd heard about the shooting at an elementary school in CT.  28 dead, 18 of them children.  I briefly turned on the news to hear the story but had to turn it off, largely because the media drives me insane in cases like this.  They "try" to be sensitive, but in all reality they are just trying to get the scoop, be the first to report any new information and it's almost always wrong.  Anyway, I spent the rest of the day in bed, sleeping my aches and pains away and my great kid would text me to check up on me.  When he got home, we started talking about this tragedy and about how someone could walk into a school and shoot people, kill children.  I don't have any answers.  I don't know that the elementary school  I work in would be any safer if we were armed or not.  I do know that Monday, when school is in session again, I will not be able to look at those kids and not think of the little ones that lost their lives.  I'm hoping that over the weekend, our parents take precautions and not let their kiddos watch too much tv that shows this tragic event over and over again.  I want our babies to always feel safe. 

So, even though I was sick, didn't get to make a cake, Ryan's plans fell through I had to put it in perspective.  Ryan HAD a birthday.  He's one year older.  He is 17 and next year he will be 18.  I get to see his handsome face for one more day.  I get to hear his laugh and hug him for one more day.  I get to enjoy his company for one more day.  And I get to help heal his hurts for one more day.  I'm a very lucky, very blessed mom. 

Glazed Carrots

On the school lunch menu today, glazed carrots were offered.  Do you know how many kids didn't bother to even try them?  I actually paid one little girl 75 cents to eat 4 spoons full of them.  She did it.  And bought a bottle of water to wash them down with. 


This song makes me super, super happy and is currently stuck in my head.