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It's always interesting

Periodically I check the stats on this little blog of mine.  And it always is interesting to me to see which posts are read the most, how long ago they were written, and who is reading them.  The US is always the first on the leader board with the UK a distant second, sometimes 3rd. 

It's a hoot when I see that people from Germany, India, or the Ukraine have read Dorothy.  When I checked today though, Russia is in the lead and the numbers are pretty huge for them for the week.  And I can see which posts are the most popular.  Always, always the Baby Jesus Hot Dog and the Baby Jesus Peanut post is looked up.  It makes me wonder what the heck people are Googling! 

I also noticed that the last 3 months the views have climbed significantly.  Whatever the reason, whoever the audience, I'm really appreciative.  I'm not sure they find what they are searcing for but I hope at the very least they are entertained!


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