wADmM5mNLtOv064mhMCS_CYE3Bc Just Dorothy: July 2013

That last rush before school starts

'Twas the week before school
and all through the house
all the kids were whining
until I suggested a joust.

Ok, after that I really have nothing.  It just sounded whimsical and it's hard to rhyme house with anything but mouse.

But, yes.  It's the week before school and we're all trying to cram as much stuff in as we can.  Dentist appointments, doctors appointments for well child check ups, vision appointments.  Dermatologist appointments.  Well woman check ups.  You name it, we've probably had an appointment for it. 

Poor Zachary...my shy little Bean.  He had to have a sports physical today.  New pediatrician.  I purposefully made the appointment with a male doctor.  Guess what the doctor wasn't.  That's right.  A female medical student came in first to do the vitals and the well kid check up.  Then...drop your pants!  I figured that meant the doctor wasn't in, that maybe he had been called away for an emergency or something.  And then she said, I will get the doctor and he will come in and talk to you.

Dr. came in and started the exam all over again!  Poor Bean had two hernia checks!!  And she stayed in the room on the 2nd one!!  I left the room, he didn't want me in there either time.  I'm ok with that, I don't really need to be in on that kind of thing. 

And then down to brass tacks.  He started showing Zach and I charts and grafts to determine his height when he is fully grown.  But this is how he started, "So, how tall do you want to be?"
Zach said, "uh, 6 ft or more".  Dr. said, "hehe, well, you won't be."  I thought that was a bit mean spirited, although he did it with a "nice" tone.  I'm not sure about that, the kid has at least 5 more years to grow and IF he will only be 5'10" as the chart says, that breaks down to an average of 1 inch per year.  I'd be concerned if he didn't grow more than one a year.  Also, according to his growth plate (broken wrist and finger x-rays from previous injuries) and two other doctors he will be about 6 feet.  So.....

Our previous pediatrician joins with this new center in October and he's one of the doctors that told Z he would be 6 ft.

We will definitely be seeking a 2nd opinion.  Ok, they probably don't give 2nd opinions on estimated height, but we just won't see the other doctor again. 

So, physically, we are ready to go back.  Mentally....depends on who you are talking to.  Ryan is ready, he's excited to be a senior.  Zach will be in 8th grade and, not quite so excited.  I'm on the fence.  I'm ready to go back, especially financially.  It's been a long, hard 8 weeks on one income.  On the other hand it's been really nice to have an almost spotless house, no 10 loads of laundry to do in one or two days, but...

New and exciting things are going to happen this year for us school wise.  I just know it! :)

We're a family of texters

IN the house texters.  I'm sure we're not the only ones.  Please tell me we aren't.  I will feel really bad if we are.  Well, probably not really. 

One of the boys will be in the bathroom and I'll get a text:  toilet paper

I'll be in bed reading and am so cozy and nearly falling asleep so I text the boys:  goodnight, I love you

Steve will be sitting across from me in the living room and will text cute things:  Hi.  I like you.

And because the iPhone keypad is so small and my fingers are so large, I often misspell stuff.  Or I try to be like all the cool kids and use abbreviations.  One time I text Ryan and used "ur" for you're.

He sent me a text back saying, "You have an education.  Use real words!"  

That's what I get for being the grammar police with my kids.  It comes back to haunt me.

Of always becomes If on my phone.  Get becomes Her and home disappears until it's just hm.  But is almost always Bit.  And of course because these are actual words, the auto correct doesn't work. 

And a thing about auto correct.  It always changes my use of the F word into the D word.  As in duck.  "Are you ducking serious" doesn't have the same oomph as the other.  "Duck yeah!" does not have the same emphasis. 

My nephew Matty becomes Marty on text.  Which would be really funny if you knew Matty.

Getting on with my life

This is a phrase I use almost every day.

Mostly it goes like this:

Me: Zach, can you unload the dishwasher please?
Zach: Let me finish building the Great Wall of China on Minecraft.
Me: Ryan, can you please take out the trash?
Ryan: Yeah

Fast forward 3 hours

Me: HELLO!?  Can you both do as you were told so I can get on with the rest of my life?

Every. Day.

Or making a decision on something.  I do it to myself.  And don't think I'm crazy for having this amazing running dialog in my head because I know you do it, too.

Me: What should I make for dinner tonight?
Me: I don't know yet.  What do I have in the freezer I can take out in time to defrost?
Me: Crap, is there time to defrost chicken?
Me: Depending on the dish you make you could throw it in the Crock Pot and call it dinner.
Me: Yeah, but Steve isn't overly fond of that kind of chicken.
Me: He's not cooking it.
Me: This is true.
Me: So, chicken?
Me: Blah, I don't know!!
Me: Seriously make a decision so I can get on with the rest of  my life!!

Which makes this true:


All good things must come to an end...

I don't really believe that, by the way.  It's just a clever little, sarcastic title for this particular post.

The littles are no longer in my care after Friday.  I could do a little jig, quite honestly.  I like kids.  I really, really do.  But, it's been our discovery that we are not puppy and/or little kid people.  We are easily bugged and don't like to accommodate anyone's needs or whims. 

Family is different, of course.  They are your flesh and blood, the ones you love. 

Day in and day out for literally 10 hours a day I hear "I waaannaa watch...I waaannaa watch...I waaannaa watch..." with no end.  No resolution to what they want to watch!  It's just that phrase repeated over and over again.  10 hours a day, 5 days a week.  And when things don't go their way they yell, "I'm really MAD".  Most of the time I don't respond.  Why argue with a 4 year old? 

No matter what I say, one of them just does not understand.  I can say, "first, we are going to have lunch, then a nap and when you wake up we will have snack."  It doesn't register.  Or it does and he will argue about something in that statement.  Sometimes this is our conversation:

"I want cheese"
"We don't have any cheese"
"Ran out"
"But I want cheese."
"No cheese"
"Ran out"
"Because everyone has already eaten all of it"
"But I want cheese"

This is where I shut my mouth and let the fit happen, the writhing body, the rolling around on the floor, crying for cheese.

This is also where my patience runs thin and I get to the point where I start praying for the clock to move faster towards nap time and then pick up time.

This is the point where I wished I drank.

But, as of Friday, 4:40, it will all be behind me.  I couldn't be happier about letting this "good thing" *ha* come to an end.

Once upon a time in a land called Make Believe

Since the little boys have been here, we've been watching a lot of cartoons.  Ones I haven't seen in a long time.  Some are updated now from when I was a kid, of course, and some are updated since my boys were little. 

I remember watching Mr. Rogers as a kid.  It was so peaceful, so calming.  He really did feel like a friend and I was always sad when he would change his cardigan and his shoes to leave.  It was a little weird at times, too, though.  One of the characters that stand out as uber creepy is Lady Elaine Fairchilde.  I just didn't care for her much.  She was mean and so, so scary looking.  See? :

I loved the big tree where X the Owl lived and the cat.  I've forgotten her name. 

Anyway, since he has passed away, his legacy lives on through Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, an animated show featuring Daniel Tiger, one of Mr. Rogers' puppets.  It's aimed at preschoolers but has very simple messages and repeats, repeats, repeats everything to make sure it is retained.  Daniel Tiger walks in, says "Hi, neighbor!", puts on a red zip up cardigan and changes his shoes.  He rides Trolley and they sing the Good Feeling song.  It makes me tear up a little.

It's very different from what my generation grew up with, but I'm glad the tradition continues. 

Just when I think I can't get any dorkier...

I find picstitch!  It's a sweet little app that lets you make picture collages and add goodies like, well, this.... 

This here is a keeper:

Pirate Queen!

Special Birthday lady!

This weekend we celebrated a very special birthday with a very special lady.  Marilyn, my moms dearest, life long friend, turned 60.  Her kids planned a surprise birthday party for her and decorated in a 60's theme.  Tons of tye-dye, a 60's band called The Factory, fronted by Lisa, her oldest daughter.  It was pretty special for several reasons.

I grew up with this family.  Lisa and I are about 6 months apart.  DeAnna and I are about a year apart.  My brother is the baby of our foursome and was given the nickname of "Baby Kong" by Marilyn.  In the 70's and 80's the 'rents would get together and party.  And party.  And party some more.  It was a really wild time. 

Of course, it was the norm and we didn't know any different.  Our parents were very, very young and it's just what they did. 

So, at the birthday party there was a huge mix of people.  Young and old, family and dear friends.  The band that played included her ex-husband and guys she went to high school with.  Her grandkids were there, ranging in age from 4 to 21.  And she danced with all of them.  It was really sweet. 

There was a photo booth with props!

And my mom and her dearest friend

Happy Birthday Marilyn!

A dream is a what?

Didn't Snow White, she of Disney fame, once sing:

"A dream is a wish your heart makes..."?

Jeez, I sure hope not.

Sometimes I have very, very strange dreams.  And the weirdness factor ratchets up depending on what drugs I've taken.  Over-the-counter drugs, mind you.  I can take Tylenol and end up dreaming about singing Adele songs in perfect harmony with my dad.

Earlier this week I had a few teeth pulled and the doctor gave me Vicodin. I'm very cautious with it of course.  I don't like taking it unless I really, really have to and then I try to hold out until I know I can be completely comatose on the couch or in bed.  The pressure and swelling in my cheek bone area has gotten worse right before bed so I took 800 mg. of ibuprophen.  And then I started dreaming...

Someone was stealing my diabetes medicine only I kept calling it my medicare medicine and it wasn't my regular medicine.  It was a huge, huge plastic needle, like the kind that comes in a kiddos play doctor kit.  And I kept poking my finger with it to draw blood.  It was bizarre.

Sometimes my dreams are in direct line with something I've watched recently.  I think that happens to a lot of people so I'm not alone in that regard, but they certainly are more vivid depending on the medicine I've taken.  Much more detail and depth to them. 

And then I have other dreams that are very, very good.  I wake up totally happy, literally with a smile on my sleepy face.  Dreams of traveling and seeing different places.  Seeing different cultures or meeting up with old friends. 

Rarely do my dreams contain turmoil or drama.  Sometimes, of course, but not as often as the outright bizarre ones. 

I also often dream of those that have passed.  My Nan is a frequent visitor.  Mostly she doesn't say much in them. Sometimes we don't talk at all.  But she's there, puttering around in her kitchen.  One time she sat behind me on a bus with Pops.  I tried to talk to her, ask her where she was going but she wouldn't answer.  She got off the bus and I couldn't follow, no matter how hard I tried.  It doesn't take a genius to analyze those kind.  They are sad but leave me feeling a bit happy because I saw her again.  And I miss her so, so much, just to see her face is wonderful!

Sometimes I try to "plan" on what I'm going to dream about.  A topic, a scenario.  Sometimes it works in a general way but more often than not it becomes some sort of odd twist on the subject.

My imagination tends to run away with me in my dreams. It kind of beats not having dreams at all, I suppose. 

Things you can find on Google

So the little boys are watching a cartoon and the pig on the cartoon has teeth.  I really wasn't sure if pigs even had teeth, to be quite honest, I've never been that up close and personal to find out!  I guess I figured they did but obviously not big ones if you didn't notice them in 42 years, right?

Anyway...I Googled "do pigs have teeth" and the first answer comes up and says, "yes, and if you want to get rid of a dead body make sure you have about 16 pigs.  Their teeth cuts through bone like butter". 

Good to know.  Thanks Google!


My dad built 4 of these cars, my brother built 1.  Their talent is amazing and the cars are awesome! 

Monsoon season

Living in the desert, we have what is called monsoon.  I call it the "false promises and major disappointment" season.  It actually is a season of high winds and high temperatures and sometimes brings a bit of rain.  Sometimes a haboob.  A haboob is a major dust storm, starting with a wall of dust that moves from one side of the valley to the other.  Check out the Phoenix Haboob on YouTube sometime.  It's quite amazing. 

Every afternoon we watch the clouds build up over the mountains behind our house.  We watch them get darker and sink lower.  It's kind of pretty.  Then, the thunder starts.  Loud booms of thunder that we hope promises rain.  Lightning flashes in those dark clouds. And then...

Nothing.  A big, fat nothing.  Not one stinking drop of rain.  There is wind and there is dust.  No rain. 

Other parts of the valley get rain, mostly the east side.  Over here on the west side best side we get nada.  It's a bit discouraging. 

It is fun to watch though, and try to guess what Mother Nature will decide to do. 

I'm sure this is not what you were expecting

I've had a lot of views lately on my little blog here.  Periodically I check the "audience" and see which countries have viewers.  I can also check to see where links to my blog come from. 

Sometimes viewers use Google and sometimes they just go directly to the blog, if they are regular readers and think to look.  I've used Network Blogs to link from Facebook but I've gotten off of Facebook so that doesn't work anymore.  Anyway, I noticed today that there were quite a few views from Russia.  And the biggest traffic source was from some coded link.  I clicked the link...and was directed to a site that came with a suitability warning and an offer on learning the art of female seduction. 

I have no earthly clue how that happens, how you can be on that site and click on something within that link  and it directs you to this blog. 

If you were directed here by that site in hopes of learning the art of female seduction, sorry to disappoint.  I do hope though, that while you were here, maybe you browsed and found something of interest.  If not, here's a recipe that might help with that seduction.  Girls love dessert :)

Strawberry Cheesecake Cobbler

I quit

I quit Facebook.  I quit MSN.  2 problem children out of my life.

The breakup with Facebook is bittersweet.  I really like keeping up on my family and friends posts and pictures but it became such a waste of my time and a breeding ground for meanness.  It was poison.

I quit MSN as my homepage and switched to AOL.  I don't like AOL.  But what I don't like even more is that MSN forces me to use Bing as my search engine.  It also freezes my screen no matter what I do to let Bing "search" for me, even if I'm just trying to scroll down.  AOL does not give me the news the way I like it.  It gives me video.  Video for everything.  And they have the Huffington Post as their news source.  Have to say I'm not a huge fan.  However, it beats getting stuck in Bingville all the time.

I am in a simplifying stage in my life, trying to let the negative out and the positive in.  I can't say that not having these two things are a huge deal in the greater scheme of things.  It's a social site and a search engine!  But, I don't feel as much irritation as I once did.  And not being irritated is a positive thing. :)

So far, so ... eh

I have an iPhone.  I'm not in love with the iPhone.  I like having a smartphone, but I'd rather it not be an iPhone.  Live and learn.  Anyway...

I've started to venture into a few apps.  Pandora is a favorite.  Who doesn't like free music?  I don't mind a few ads every now and again.  I downloaded the Kindle app.  Ehh.  It's an iPhone so the screen is small but it serves a purpose if I'm bored somewhere, standing in line somewhere, waiting in a doctor's office somewhere.  I've downloaded a few free books from Book Bub.  I'm too cheap to pay for any of them so I just get the free ones. 

And, holy cow!  They are bad.  I should probably research more and see if these little nuggets are self-published but the truth of the matter is, I don't really care.  No matter how bad they are, I seem to get sucked in!  I'm suckered by the "what happens next" every single time.  Once I start it I have to see how it ends.  Not that any of the characters are overly interesting.  The writing is so-so.  But curiosity gets the better of me.  Every stinkin time!

If it is so horribly written I can't make sense of it, I have no problem leaving it.  But if it is even remotely interesting, if there is even a little bit of a hook...curiosity takes over.  It's even worse if there is series.  I will read every one just because now I really have to see how it turns out.  A 3 book series?  I will suffer through them all just to see how it all ends. 

Pathetic, I know.


Happy New Year!

The beginning of the school year feels like the beginning of the new year, more so than January 1st does.  To me it does, anyway.  We call it "the most wonderful time of the year", mimicking that Christmas song.  The children are not amused. 

But each and every school year, I feel that rush, that excitement of things starting over, of new things beginning.  I LOVE buying school supplies!  I'm such a nerd.  Now that they are older it's all about regular, boring yellow #2 pencils and primary colored folders.  BORING.  I miss the days of art deco pencils and folders with pictures of horses, kittens or seascapes on them.  Those were for me, by the way, not the boys.  They favored bikes and skateboards and skulls.  Magic markers and the jumbo, buy 5 get 20 free, packages of glue sticks.  Now it's just plain black composition books, pens with black or blue ink and a bazillion packages of wide-ruled notebook paper.  Back in my day I wanted a Trapper-Keeper.  Not a generic one.  THE original Trapper-Keeper.  They had their own commercials!  Maybe I'm not paying attention but I don't think the name brand is participating in that over the top kind of marketing anymore.  Some schools don't even want you to have a Trapper, generic or otherwise. 

I hated school clothes shopping when I was a kid.  Mostly because I could never, ever find shoes to fit.  Even if I had found great tops and shorts or pants, the whole entire trip would be ruined over shoes.  Too small, too narrow, rubbed my heel, all the really cute, adorable ones never, ever worked out.  "Sorry, we just don't have anything in girls or ladies shoes that will fit her width".  Boys tennis shoes would fit though.  Which is great for a young lady in middle school.  I still have that problem so I mostly resort to flip flops whenever I can.

However, there were several school years that my Grandma Roer made me and my cousins special dresses.  I looked forward to it and couldn't wait for the first day of school just so I could wear it.  My cousin Shelly and I, when we went to the same school for awhile, would make sure we weren't wearing the matching dresses on the same day.  I usually wore them with flip flops or on P.E. days, those damn boys tennis shoes!

Back in those days we had metal lunch boxes with a thermos inside.  I wanted one so, so bad.  All day long I would think about it.  I would point out the ones that interested me when we went to the store.  And worried that I wouldn't get one the closer it got to school and I didn't have it in my greedy little hands yet.  And then, it happened.  My step great grandma (bless her, was trying really hard) brought over a light blue plastic Snoopy one that was oblong and not square.  Not anywhere at any time had I ever pointed THAT one out.  I was ungrateful, not to her face, but ungrateful nonetheless.  Still, the first day of school I used that Snoopy lunch box because I HAD a lunchbox and it was kind of a status symbol to have one.  Eventually it just became easier to not have one more thing to carry back and forth to school so I stopped using it altogether.  Sad.  Just sad.  The boys always prefer eating "hot lunch" at the cafeteria.  Not because it tastes good or is super nutritious, but because it's easier.  Neither of them want to make decisions on what to have for lunch, make it, pack it, lug it.  They will eat what's in front of them.  Even the stereotypical "mystery meat".  Trust me, sometimes it really is mystery meat. 

So, about 3 1/2 weeks from now, the new school year will start.  Most of the kids will be wearing new clothes and new shoes.  Have fresh hair cuts.  Most of the staff (this girl included) will, too.  They will be excited at being in a grade higher, seeing their friends again after a long break and just be ready for what the new year has to offer.  It's fun to watch.

I need to make a mental note to look back at this post when the actual new year arrives and remind myself that I love my job, to get over the frustrations and the overwhelming feeling of being "done" by that time and just appreciate the fact that they are still learning new things, even if it doesn't feel like it.  All without the help of a metal lunch box or a Trapper Keeper. 

The sad tail of Carl

About a year ago, Zach told me he wanted a pet.  We've had dogs and we've had a cat but, since we've moved back and are leasing a place, we have none of those. 

He begged for fish.  I know the routine.  We get a pet (dog, cat, turtle, fish, hermit crabs, yes we've had those, hamsters) and who ends up taking care of it?  Yep.  Me.  There's always an argument over who is going to feed it, water it, clean up after it.  Whatever the case may be, there is always an argument. 

Anyway, back to the fish.  I decided to get him a small fish bowl with colorful rocks and a plastic plant.  And two red eyed tetras.  They were cool for a few days and guess who got stuck with them.  Yep.  Me.

Dimitri and Clyde were not best of friends.  Dimitri ended up bullying Clyde, or maybe it was Clyde who bullied Dimitri.  In any case survival of the fittest and all that, we ended up with one red eyed tetra. 

Because we didn't know if it was Dimitri or Clyde, Ryan renamed him Carl.  Keep in mind this is the same kid that once named our cat Alfonso Soriano Warhammer the third.  Luckily for the cat I vetoed that and called him Romeo.  We started rolling our R's and saying it in our best sing song-y voice. Rrroommeeooooooooooooo.  Well, really that part was just me.  Steve just called him cat. 

Anyway, back to Carl.

So, for the past almost year, Carl has sat on our kitchen counter in his little bowl, mindlessly moving back and forth.  Me feeding him every day.  I started to feel guilty.  He was growing.  Was his bowl to small?  Was he bored?  Lonely?  Did he regret getting rid of his "buddy" and suffer from a guilty conscience?  Zach, he of the most useful random knowledge ever, reminded me that fish have like a 3 second attention span so he probably wasn't thinking about much at all and if he was it was soon, very soon, forgotten.  I would even baby talk to Carl while I was feeding him.  "Yes, Carl, look at who's feeding you.  I care about you, Carl.  I take care of you Carl." 

And then.....

Ryan got a 15 gallon aquarium this weekend.  It's pretty flippin sweet.  Carl, along with 4 other fish are happily floating in 15, cool, clear filtered gallons of water.  But, I'm still feeling a bit guilty.

I miss Carl on my kitchen counter.  The small bowl is now being stored in the garage and will be used as a time out tank if any of the other fish get aggressive and misbehave.  I feel guilty that the other 4 fish are in pairs and Carl is the odd fish out.  I see him alternately avoiding the other fish and then trying to buddy up to them.  One of the orange fish (Ryan tells me they are NOT run of the mill gold fish) was doing a swim by, giving Carl the stink eye.  I kept MY eye out for that one for awhile.

Today they seem to be a little more friendly towards each other, although Carl keeps to himself mostly.  I think I've convinced Ry to get only 2 more fish.  A solitary sucker fish who has a job to do, and another tetra type that can be friends with Carl.  

Only time will tell if that will work. 

But if it doesn't work, Carl will forget in 3 seconds

It's happened. Never thought it would. But it just did.

It's official.  I am the shortest person in my family of 4 now.  Not by much.  Yet.  But it's happening.

I always knew this day would come.  I just didn't think I'd actually be just a wee bit sad about it. 

Zach is now about 1/2 inch taller than me.  Insert sad face icon here.  Make that double sad face icon with a little bit of a tear. 

I'm not surprised.  He's entering 8th grade.  I am surprised.  He's my baby. 

The other day he and I were taking measurements to get a baseline of where we are size wise.  He and I are very similarly built.  And since he doesn't read this it can't really embarrass him that everyone now knows he has a similar build to his mom!  At least I don't think he reads this.  My chest is bigger, obviously.  My waist is a bit thicker.  His arms are a tad bigger than mine.  His feet are huge!!  When we are heel to heel the tops of my toes come to the bottoms of his. 

I'm glad for the boys' height.  When they were younger and would go in for check ups the doctor would tell me they would both be at least 6'2.  That made me happy, I think it's an advantage to be taller.  And so glad they got my dads side of the gene pool for height.  Steve is 5'8" or 5'9".  Not a thing wrong with that but I know he wishes he were taller. 

Just one more sign that sooner rather than later they will leave our little nest.  I don't know what I'll do then but I'm excited to see the men they will become. 

Update on the summer bucket list.

So far it's been an iffy summer on getting things done that I wanted to do.  Haven't traveled at all.  Hopefully that will change soon.  Even just a few trips out of town.

I did start working out MORE than the 3 days a week I wanted to.  I've been averaging 5.  I got one fun project done but haven't done any more on Ryan's scrapbook.  He's a senior this year and I wanted to present it at his graduation, just showing things he's done throughout his school career.  I'm not sure this will ever be done.

I haven't taken more pictures.  I have no reason to as I don't really leave the house much.

We've managed to clean out some of the clothes we no longer wear and donate them to Goodwill.  I still want to get other items put together to donate.  I've gotten some of the cabinets organized.

5 more weeks to get it right.

One of the items on my list was to blog at least 45 days of the summer.  I'm at 20 with this one. 

Can I possibly find 25 more things to talk about??

Our social media license should be revoked!

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. 

On one hand, it gives us access to information at lightning fast speeds.  On the other hand, I didn't really need to know that Kim Kardashian had really swollen feet during her pregnancy.  Sometimes social media is used for good.  To get the word out about an important project, rally, program, whatever.  And sometimes it is used for evil.  To spread lies, vicious rumors and to bully other people. 

On both Facebook and online news articles, if the topic catches my eye, I will read it.  Then I torture myself and read the comments people make.  It makes me laugh, it makes me mad but mostly it makes me sad that people feel they can get away with saying the things they say because they are hidden behind an anonymous name.  Hell, if it's on Facebook, it's mostly not anonymous, and they still say the stupidest things.  It's like being given a license to offend anyone and everyone because there is no real accountability for your comments.

People are cruel with their comments.  The same people that would probably never say anything like that to another person face to face are the ones that are unusually cruel.  "Brave" because they are hidden.  Some are cruel on purpose, just for the attention.  And the less attention they receive, the more outrageous they become with their words. 

And someone always, always starts in with the politics.  Or plays the race card.  People throw the N word and the R word around like it's nothing.  Liberal or Conservative, each has their own derogatory word for the other.  The debates get very heated and I can appreciate a good argument.  What I can't and don't appreciate are the debates that go completely overboard in berating someone else for  a difference of opinion.  Why can't everyone just shut the hell up and agree to disagree without it becoming a personal verbal attack?

The audacity of some people shocks me.  Based on someone's opinion, people assume a lot about another person.  Oh, you support gay marriage?  You MUST be gay or at least have homosexual tendencies.  You support Obama?  You are probably black.  You want background checks for anyone wanting to purchase a gun? You must be a liberal AND you want to take my gun away.

I start reading some of the comments and get pretty heated, which in turn makes ME want to comment.  I don't of course, for a few reasons.  The voice of reason is never heard above the shouts of the cruel.