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I'm sure this is not what you were expecting

I've had a lot of views lately on my little blog here.  Periodically I check the "audience" and see which countries have viewers.  I can also check to see where links to my blog come from. 

Sometimes viewers use Google and sometimes they just go directly to the blog, if they are regular readers and think to look.  I've used Network Blogs to link from Facebook but I've gotten off of Facebook so that doesn't work anymore.  Anyway, I noticed today that there were quite a few views from Russia.  And the biggest traffic source was from some coded link.  I clicked the link...and was directed to a site that came with a suitability warning and an offer on learning the art of female seduction. 

I have no earthly clue how that happens, how you can be on that site and click on something within that link  and it directs you to this blog. 

If you were directed here by that site in hopes of learning the art of female seduction, sorry to disappoint.  I do hope though, that while you were here, maybe you browsed and found something of interest.  If not, here's a recipe that might help with that seduction.  Girls love dessert :)

Strawberry Cheesecake Cobbler


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