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Special Birthday lady!

This weekend we celebrated a very special birthday with a very special lady.  Marilyn, my moms dearest, life long friend, turned 60.  Her kids planned a surprise birthday party for her and decorated in a 60's theme.  Tons of tye-dye, a 60's band called The Factory, fronted by Lisa, her oldest daughter.  It was pretty special for several reasons.

I grew up with this family.  Lisa and I are about 6 months apart.  DeAnna and I are about a year apart.  My brother is the baby of our foursome and was given the nickname of "Baby Kong" by Marilyn.  In the 70's and 80's the 'rents would get together and party.  And party.  And party some more.  It was a really wild time. 

Of course, it was the norm and we didn't know any different.  Our parents were very, very young and it's just what they did. 

So, at the birthday party there was a huge mix of people.  Young and old, family and dear friends.  The band that played included her ex-husband and guys she went to high school with.  Her grandkids were there, ranging in age from 4 to 21.  And she danced with all of them.  It was really sweet. 

There was a photo booth with props!

And my mom and her dearest friend

Happy Birthday Marilyn!


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