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I quit

I quit Facebook.  I quit MSN.  2 problem children out of my life.

The breakup with Facebook is bittersweet.  I really like keeping up on my family and friends posts and pictures but it became such a waste of my time and a breeding ground for meanness.  It was poison.

I quit MSN as my homepage and switched to AOL.  I don't like AOL.  But what I don't like even more is that MSN forces me to use Bing as my search engine.  It also freezes my screen no matter what I do to let Bing "search" for me, even if I'm just trying to scroll down.  AOL does not give me the news the way I like it.  It gives me video.  Video for everything.  And they have the Huffington Post as their news source.  Have to say I'm not a huge fan.  However, it beats getting stuck in Bingville all the time.

I am in a simplifying stage in my life, trying to let the negative out and the positive in.  I can't say that not having these two things are a huge deal in the greater scheme of things.  It's a social site and a search engine!  But, I don't feel as much irritation as I once did.  And not being irritated is a positive thing. :)


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