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Limited time?

I have a question for all my blogging buddies out there.  Do you limit, or try to limit the amount of time you spend blogging or surfing the net? 

I am usually busy during the week with work and whatnot and can't devote a whole lot of time to blogging or taking care of my Etsy, etc.  So I try to catch up on the weekends.  But then I feel guilty for spending time on here too because the house needs attention, laundry needs to be done, kids need to eat, and so on.  I've been trying to give myself a time limit, say an hour or so from the time I wake up until I shut it down and so other things.  I tell myself I can get on again but later.  In the end I still don't feel like I've accomplished as much as I'd have liked to, but I don't want to "waste" the day either.  Not that blogging is a waste but...does anyone else feel like this?  Or limit their time?

Free Friday

I'm such a lucky girl!  My kids are at a football game in a town about an hour away.  My hubby is at work, about an hour away.  No one will be home until 10:30 or later.  I'm alone.  Alone.  ALONE!!  For several hours at a time, I'm alone.  Usually I like the quiteness that comes with alone.  I keep the television off, don't play the radio.  I do leave my phone on though because, you know, I'm a mom and that's what we do just in case our kids need us.  Luckily I don't get many calls.  A few texts maybe.  Tonight though, I have Directv sonic radio or whatever it is on just for background music.

This alone thing is kinda nice.  I'm blogging.  I'm making solid perfume.  I'm making lip balm.  I'm listening to Tory Amos!!  Haven't heard this particular song in years.  Years!  Whatever "station" this is, I'm loving it! 

It's not often that I get quiet time around here.  God bless his pointed little head, I love Zach so much but that kid yammers on and on.  Often about nothing in particular and everything in particular.  He is the most random kid ever.  Ever.  Don't even get me started on the Mexican hooker comment, damn you Travel Channel!  He can be on the computer and sing, yes sing, everything he is thinking.  He can be in the bathroom singing everything he is thinking.  But he doesn't normally sing in the shower.  Huh, weird.  He will make noise just to make noise.  Ryan is typically quiet.  Steve blares the tv when he's home.  He might have a slight hearing problem.  He is over 40 after all.  And we all know what happens once you reach 40.  *Sigh*

Even our animals are loud.  Rex sighs and moans, the biggest dog sighs you've ever heard.  Jerry pants constantly.  He also follows me everywhere and his nails click on the hardwood and it sure sounds like he's got more than 4 paws.  Ana the cat is relatively quiet unless she's gotten into Z's miniature football helmet collection and is batting them across the hardwood.  She's too little yet to have that uber annoying meow. 

And this is why I love the alone quiet time I so rarely get.  I wouldn't want it all the time, but it sure is nice when it happens.


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He knows it's where all the important stuff goes...

My house isn't overly clean.  We live here, afterall.  For the most part it's ummm, tidy?  There might be dust and some dishes in the sink but never, ever down and out dirty.  I don't like clutter but it seems we have a lot of it.  I'm not talking knick knacks and stuff, I actually like that kind of thing.  I'm talking shoes on the floor, backpacks taking up space in the kitchen because no one actually bothers hanging them up, mail and other stuff piled on the kitchen table and stuff hung on the fridge.  I tried to control the junk stuff on the fridge too but, well, the important stuff goes there.  A monthly calendar that highlights EVERYTHING, our 4H schedule, a football schedule for Zach, a football schedule for Ryan and my gift certificate for nail services.  This is all up here because it's stuff that's important and frankly, things I need to remember because I have a horrible memory.  I'm 40, remember?  And when the boys were little all of their artwork would go on the fridge because I couldn't not put it up.  Their great papers would go there too. Spelling test got an A?  Heck yeah, it went on the fridge! 

Now they are older and there is no more art work.  There are still A's on tests and whatnot but at a certain point I just stopped putting them up there.  But Ryan, at 15 got an award for Defensive Player of the Game in last week's football game.  I came home from work yesterday and there it was.  That very important document proudly displayed on the fridge, put there by Ryan himself.  Because he knows that's where all the important things go.

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Ryan asked me why I hadn't posted a 9/11 blog yet today.  Well, here it is:

Most of us can remember where we were, what we were doing or at least remember that for most of us it started out like any regular day.  I was home with Zach, Steve was at work and Ryan was at school.  Steve called me and said, "Turn on the tv.  I think NY just got attacked".  My first thought was, yeah, right, the media is probably making a huge deal out of nothing.  But then I turned on the tv.

The first tower had been hit but they were not sure yet if it was a terrorist attack.  It could have just been a tragic accident.  Then the 2nd building was hit and there was no mistake.  Both buildings fell and the nation, the world went numb.  The other hijacked planes went down and we were no longer the safest place in the world. 

For awhile we watched the rescue efforts and then the clean-up efforts.  The funerals, the eulogies, just pure sadness.  I was glad Zach was so young and Ryan was too young to really understand what was going on so I could just explain the unexplainable as simply as possible. 

Everyone today is posting "Never Forget" and things like that on facebook and all social media.  I didn't because there really isn't much more I can say without it sounding tired and old and stale.  And worn out.  So I will say this: 

I will REMEMBER to celebrate our country's strength, courage and ability to recover from a horrible tragedy and not let it keep us down.  We are brave, we are strong.  We are America.

It's over there and I'm over here

I'm sick and sore. I don't know if it's allergies or a cold but either way it completely sucks. I have stuff I need to do and stuff I want to do but have no motivation or mobility to do so. I took some advil and an allergy pill and we'll see if that helps. But I poured myself a glass of tea and it's over there and I'm over here and I don't want to get up to get it. Bugger.

My back and ribs hurt from sneezing so much. My head hurts, my eyes are watery and puffy. I had to breathe through my mouth while sleeping last night so I woke up with a sore throat.

I have laundry to do and dishes to wash and we have not only a 4H meeting today but a youth group parent night to attend.

And I can't taste anything I eat. Not that I'm complaining or anything. I just wish I had a jacuzzi!

The Love Spirit of Animals and Oh Zachary

When my sister Amy was younger she accused our Dad of not having the "love spirit" of animals.  It's true.  For the most part he's not an animal person.  He's not an animal hater, but he's just not an animal person.  The smell, the hair.  I'm right there with him, although I do have 2 big hairy dogs.  I just invest in lots of Scentsy and vacuums.

Anyway, my kids have an abundance of love spirit of animals.  Especially Zach.  My dear, sweet Zachary.  *Sigh*  Since he was very small he's been asking for a cat, for hermit crabs, for hamsters.  Once we joined 4H he wanted a calf or a pig.  Uh, he doesn't understand that once you raise it you then sell it "by the pound".  He has always wanted our dogs to have puppies.  Dear, sweet Zach finally got to the age where he could understand that we have 2 boy dogs and that both are fixed anyway.  My mom has 20 some odd cats around her place.  4 are inside.  So maybe it's 24.  I don't know, I think she won't tell me the real number.  Zach is like her in so many ways.  He definitely inherited his love spirit of cats from her.

Recall a few paragraphs back when I said we have 2 dogs?  Large dogs.  Rex is a German Shephard and definitely has never had the love spirit of cats.  Jerry...we weren't sure because he's never been around any since we've had him.  He's a little sweetheart but he really likes to tree squirrels and has laser beam focus on them when they dare to cross his back yard and he happens to be outside.  Luckily he's easily distracted by treats so we can usually get him to leave them alone after awhile.  Anyway, Monday night the boys went to football practice and Z calls me and says, "Mom!  Can we have a kitten?"  Followed by me saying, "Uhhh, NO Zach, we have 2 dogs and I'm allergic, remember?"  After that, a chorus of boys says PLEASE MOM, CAN WE HAVE A KITTEN, COME ON MOM, WE WANT THE KITTEN!  The football team totally ganged up on me over the phone to convince me to take this damn kitten!  I said no, AGAIN.

Fast forward 5 minutes later I go to pick the boys up.  Zach is holding the kitten.  Now, I don't mind cats, I've just never really had cats.  Because I'm allergic.  Did you get that part?  About my allergy, I mean.  Allergic.  Wheezing, itchy allergic.  We're clear on the allergy, right?  And of course, she's absolutely adorable!  I reach my hand out to pet her and baby talk to her.  The little rat fink bites my finger.  So not off to a good start.  But I do not have the heart to watch him leave her on the practice field and watch her as I drive off.  Nights are getting chilly here and she's so very tiny. He told me the little kitten was following him everywhere while he was at practice with the high school boys and she was licking the ranch dust from his fingers from his flavored sun flower seeds.  I told Zach to get in the car with the kitten and we would see if our neighbor Lynda would like to have it.  Lynda already has 2 cats and 2 dogs and apparently is not allergic to either and definitely has a love spirit of ALL animals.  Lynda wasn't home.  We go on home, let the dogs out, take the kitten inside and feed her a leftover hamburger from dinner.  She gobbles it down so fast she nearly chokes.  I could feel every dip in her spine, every rib.  Her meow is so weak and pathetic it's awfully sad.  I give her water and she seems so inexperienced in lapping it up I think she should probably still be with her mama. 

As we are making phone calls trying to find her a home, because we have two dogs, remember, and I'm still allergic, she falls asleep.  Content, her eyes close while she's curled up on Steve's shoulder.  Steve, who grew up with cats.  She sort of slides down and lands on his stomach.  And falls asleep there too.  Have to admit it was pretty adorable.  Her little motor was running, she was very happy.  My mushmallow of a husband says, Well, you haven't really been around cats in a long time, maybe you're not allergic anymore.  Maybe we should try it for a few days.  See how it works out.  If not, Kelly can take her. 

Needless to say it is now Wednesday.  The cat has a name.  Ana.  Ana has a litter box.  Ana has a segmented dish for food and water.  Ana sleeps with Zach. 

My Dad, the non love spirit of animals Dad, is coming to visit in a few weeks.  I'm sure he will love Ana, the kitten whose meow has gotten a little stronger and whose ribs I can no longer feel.

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Personal Responsibility

Today Steve and I were discussing Personal Responsibility.  It used to be a popular concept but now, not so much.  Why is that?  I believe it's generational, but why?  Did we as parents raise this generation to be irresponsible, narcissistic, entitled members of society?  It's not just my kids' generation.  The tail end of my generation has that irresponsible thing going on too. 

It's a measure of your character to take responsibility for you and your actions.  If you don't show up for work and don't get a paycheck, why in the world would you ask your boss for more hours?  You just proved that you can't hack the hours you were already scheduled.  If you make a mistake why can't you own up to it rather than pointing the finger at someone else?  Admit your mistake, make it right, move on! 

My kids will sometimes try to blame a not so great grade on a teacher.  They know that does not fly with me.  Whose responsibility was it to study, to turn in the homework, to show up for class?  Certainly wasn't mine.  Wasn't the teacher's responsibility.  Luckily we don't run in to that too often.  Mostly because it's never worked in the past. 

I've also noticed an alarming trend with men not working.  At least here in our sleepy little town.  I don't venture much into the outside world and try to keep to myself so it could be more prevalent than I realize.  Some go from job to job to job because as soon as they start one they become allergic to honest work and quit.  Or they owe child support so they just don't work so they don't have to pay it.  It's the ultimate FAIL in personal responsibility! 

I think we need to see these trends change, and soon.  Kids need to be taught that they will not like everyone they work with or meet in their lives.  Nothing will be handed to them.  Bosses don't usually give second chances or put up with whiny employees.  And opportunity truly does not come knocking at your door.  Sad, but totally true.  Entitled, spoiled kids make really crappy, spoiled adults! 

I'm hopping

Care to join me?

The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom

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