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He knows it's where all the important stuff goes...

My house isn't overly clean.  We live here, afterall.  For the most part it's ummm, tidy?  There might be dust and some dishes in the sink but never, ever down and out dirty.  I don't like clutter but it seems we have a lot of it.  I'm not talking knick knacks and stuff, I actually like that kind of thing.  I'm talking shoes on the floor, backpacks taking up space in the kitchen because no one actually bothers hanging them up, mail and other stuff piled on the kitchen table and stuff hung on the fridge.  I tried to control the junk stuff on the fridge too but, well, the important stuff goes there.  A monthly calendar that highlights EVERYTHING, our 4H schedule, a football schedule for Zach, a football schedule for Ryan and my gift certificate for nail services.  This is all up here because it's stuff that's important and frankly, things I need to remember because I have a horrible memory.  I'm 40, remember?  And when the boys were little all of their artwork would go on the fridge because I couldn't not put it up.  Their great papers would go there too. Spelling test got an A?  Heck yeah, it went on the fridge! 

Now they are older and there is no more art work.  There are still A's on tests and whatnot but at a certain point I just stopped putting them up there.  But Ryan, at 15 got an award for Defensive Player of the Game in last week's football game.  I came home from work yesterday and there it was.  That very important document proudly displayed on the fridge, put there by Ryan himself.  Because he knows that's where all the important things go.


  1. Brave Ski Mom said...:

    I love this post. You should put it on your fridge! Good luck to your son this football season! And don't worry about the dirty house? We've all got one of those!

    Stopped by from MBS. Thanks!

  1. Leila said...:

    YAY for Ryan! That put a big smile on my face! Love this post! Thanks for sharing!

    I am a new follower! gotomommy.blogspot.com

  1. this is like reading my own daily rock and roll...love this post!..btw, I just put a review on Alexa...would be happy to have you visited mine http://cutecoconut.com ..Got this site from MBS too!

  1. Wacky Ways said...:

    Visiting from Alexa blog hop weekend via Mom Blog Society. Left you a review. Hope you return the favor.

  1. Lacey said...:

    This was such a good post! I love that your son put his award "where all the important things go." It made me tear up a little. :)

    Stopping by from the MBS Alexa hop. Following and leaving you a review now!

    Little Miss Nerd Girl

  1. an.Alaskan.mom said...:

    Oh, my gosh - when did you visit my kitchen? They come in the patio door - kick off their shoes under the table - drop their backpacks so the door will no longer swing open for the next kid to come in - then the husband comes in and drops work stuff and mail on the counter and table - AND a fridge full of box-tops-for-education!

    Ah, mommyhood. No better excuse for crap laying around :)

  1. mombo880 said...:

    Hahah, I am SO glad our box tops days are OVER!! I'd faithfully cut them and put them in a baggie, purposefully buy products that had the box tops on them, etc., only to find them several months later crammed into the bottom of Z's backpack along with bits of Goldfish crackers and shards of popcorn. He didn't care at all about my hard work and dedication! lol

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