wADmM5mNLtOv064mhMCS_CYE3Bc Just Dorothy: January 2012

Oh, Pinterest, how you stress me!

Ok, so I have this new addiction to Pinterest.  It's got me interested in stuff I didn't know I was interested in.  Looking at the wedding stuff makes me want to get married again (to Steve, of course!).  It makes me want to be a gourmet cook.  Or just a cook that thinks outside the box and stops doing the same thing over and over again. 

Pinterest makes me want to travel, gut my house and start over and paint every room in the house using tons of color.  And by "me" I mean Steve.  I don't like to paint.  Actually, I can stand about one wall and then I'm done.  It makes me want to pick a style and go for it.  Pinterest also makes me want to shop for really cute outfits and wear really cute shoes.  Ok, ok, I always want to wear really cute shoes but I just don't have the feet to wear really cute shoes. 

Pinterest is a blessing and a curse.  And really just a lot of fun!

I've got a goal, but I don't have a plan.

I have a goal to have a cabin in Prescott, AZ by the time I'm 50, if not sooner.  But no later than 50.  I don't have a plan, however, on how to do that.  There is no such thing as savings for us right now.  Every dime goes OUT, nothing stays IN.  And I know we're not alone in that.  People all over the world are trying to make ends meet.  Some can kind of keep their heads above water and some are just sinking slowly.  I see light at the end of our tunnel but that tunnel is about 2 years and 5 months away.  Or if I take the short term tunnel, it's really just a better hourly wage away.  Either way, 10 years from now I want to have the cabin.  I want it small enough that it's cozy but big enough for our kids to come and visit and bring their families.  I want my siblings and parents to come and stay for a long weekend and relax in the pines. 

I should probably start working on winning the lottery or writing that best seller.   Or maybe just find a better paying job instead of working the two lower paying ones I work now. 

But that is another blog entirely.

Hey, networks ~ we're available!

Ok, so I've been watching TV lately.  It seems like anyone can be on reality tv these days.  Got 4 wives?  Have 8 kids?  19 kids?  A "celebrity" family that does...something insignificant?  Getting married?  Obese? Have a drug problem?  Have some kind of "Taboo" thingy going on like wanting to be a parapalegic?  (Yes, seriously!)  Well, how 'bout something that's "normal"?

Here's my idea:  Steve and I go through a couples bootcamp to get in shape, so that we can have a vow renewal ceremony complete with a full on wedding created by David Tutera and I get to go to the people that Say Yes to the Dress and NOT be a Bridezilla.  And America can vote on our honeymoon destination by calling in on their Verizon phone and we can be sponsored by Pepsi (because I'm not a fan of Coke) and then we can start Dancing with the Stars on a secluded island and be voted off the island one by one, even though there are only two of us, if we don't do the samba correctly but we would get bonus points if we could do the Paso Doble (which I can say, but not spell).  I think I would kick Steve's butt at both dances, therefore he'd get kicked off first.  And then we could have a rose ceremony to see if I would give him immunity.

I'd watch that show.