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Hey, networks ~ we're available!

Ok, so I've been watching TV lately.  It seems like anyone can be on reality tv these days.  Got 4 wives?  Have 8 kids?  19 kids?  A "celebrity" family that does...something insignificant?  Getting married?  Obese? Have a drug problem?  Have some kind of "Taboo" thingy going on like wanting to be a parapalegic?  (Yes, seriously!)  Well, how 'bout something that's "normal"?

Here's my idea:  Steve and I go through a couples bootcamp to get in shape, so that we can have a vow renewal ceremony complete with a full on wedding created by David Tutera and I get to go to the people that Say Yes to the Dress and NOT be a Bridezilla.  And America can vote on our honeymoon destination by calling in on their Verizon phone and we can be sponsored by Pepsi (because I'm not a fan of Coke) and then we can start Dancing with the Stars on a secluded island and be voted off the island one by one, even though there are only two of us, if we don't do the samba correctly but we would get bonus points if we could do the Paso Doble (which I can say, but not spell).  I think I would kick Steve's butt at both dances, therefore he'd get kicked off first.  And then we could have a rose ceremony to see if I would give him immunity.

I'd watch that show. 


  1. Dvr Dame said...:

    It's so true. I just received a message from a casting director asking me if I wanted to sign up for their show about evil mother-in-laws. All I did was like somebody's post about the show. Keep your eyes open!

  1. Five Foot Mama said...:

    Haha! Love it. Some of those shows really are insane, huh? What has happened to TV?!?! :)


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