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Why Pay More?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zenni Optical for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

ZenniOptical.com has cheap glasses.  And that's not a dig, it's the absolute, wonderful truth!  In fact, at such reasonable prices, you could get several pair and not break the bank.  You could get some for each holiday, each season, each special occasion.  I like festive ones right now, like red or even green.  Maybe some sparkle.  

389324  Plastic Half-Rim Frame
I also love the "try on" feature on the website.  It's hard to purchase something that you can't even try on.  But on ZenniOptical.com, you can upload a photo of yourself and when you find a pair of frames you think you might like, you click on the try on button and you can see what they look like on you.  cheap eyeglasses
Need progressives?  Yep, they got 'em.  eyeglasses  I like these too:
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Prices start at $6 and go up to $46.  This is a huge savings when compared to buying directly from your doctor.  Last year I bought frames for over $100.  Not this year.  I'm saving big bucks!  If you were purchasing glasses, which ones would you choose?  Would you go festive?  Trendy?  Big and Bold?  Actually, at these prices, you can do it all!

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All over but the cryin....

No, no tears here!  It was a great Christmas here at the Heaster House.  Our year has seen a lot of changes, mostly good, some difficult to navigate, but pretty much all for the better.  We've made new friends, gained some family members and lost a few, too. 

The Whippets had an undefeated regular season and went to the semi-finals.  Ryan was chosen as Lineman of the Year for the 9/10 team.  Zach had a zero win season but had at least 10 quarterback sacks and quite a few other tackles.  Ryan started taking Spanish and Zach learned how to speak with a British accent.  He's working on an Australian one.

My sister got married and my little nephew Sambo was born.  I've started a journal and a bucket list 4 seperate times.  We gained a cat.  I (very recently) got into Pinterest.  I may never leave the house again.  I also actually "found" time to read at least 5 books this year.  I haven't been able to do that in many, many years.  We now have an owl collection started.  When I say we, I mean "I".  No one else cares.  Boys...what can you do?? 

I have two great kids who are kind and compassionate and pretty good lookin.  I have a husband who bought me a new diamond ring.  He's pretty good lookin, too!

It's everywhere. No, really, it is.

So, before I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I was oblivious to what it was.  I mean, I knew the basics but didn't read about it, skipped over any advertisement for it and tuned out any commercial I saw for it.  But now, I notice DIABETES everywhere.  It's in every magazine, every other television commercial refers to it and I hear about it in conversation nearly every day.  I can't escape it.  Literally. 

Yet, it's one of those diseases that's largely ignored.  It doesn't have a 3-day walk like breast cancer does.  It doesn't have Jennifer Aniston or Robin Williams in a commercial like St. Jude's does.  It's got a Jonas brother and a football player.  Even though it's got lots and lots of media coverage, it's not really taken seriously.  People ignore it.  I can't ignore it anymore because it's a 24/7 thing, but I can still turn the page of a magazine and turn the channel when they start talking about free monitors and test strips (sure wouldn't mind getting free test strips, those little suckers are expensive!).  And most of the time I do exactly that.  But it's getting harder and harder to do.  Today I opened up a magazine and on one page there was a huge, full page ad for test strips.  Two pages later there was an article on a girl who started making bracelets when she was diagnosed at 12 years old and sold them to raise money for researching a cure.  She's 18 now and has donated about $40,000.  Sweet! 

Anyway, it's just an observation. 

No Vulgarity, No Crotch Grabbing!

Yesterday I watched White Christmas for the first time.  I love old movies like that and I love Danny Kaye!  The colors they used in those movies were like nothing else.  Everything is so bright, so vibrant.  The wording they use is old school and really sweet.  "Gee, that's swell, doll!"  "Did you get a load a that dame?"  Gay meant happy. They sure don't make movies like that anymore.

And guess what?  The dance numbers were fabulous and no one grabbed their crotch!  The outfits in each dance number were tasteful, covered everything they needed to cover, there were no wardrobe malfunctions (on accident or on purpose) and yet they were sexy.  The songs had no naughty words in them, they didn't talk about sex, strippers, hookers or drugs and the only stealing they talked about was stealing a kiss or stealing someone's heart.

They sure don't make movies like that anymore.  I sure wish they did.

Ahead of the Christmas Game

So...it's 10 days til Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve is a big day in our house because it's Steve's birthday.  It's not as big as Jesus' birthday, but it's big all the same :) I mean, we have CAKE on Steve's birthday!  It's the kickoff of 2 days worth of over indulging ourselves in every way imaginable.  Christmas Eve seems to be more of a stressful day to me than Christmas Day does. 

Steve is usually waaaay behind the eight ball on shopping, thinking about shopping or even stepping foot in a mall around the holidays.  Mostly it's because he's been in retail and can't get away until the last minute.  So, I won't say I usually get the best the local drugstore has to offer, because he typically does pretty well.  This year, he's still in retail but in a much different, much better capacity so he's ahead of the Christmas game this year!!  In 17 years of marriage, this is the FIRST time he's been done BEFORE Christmas Eve!  Yay, Steve!

I got done a week or so ago.  Now I have to wrap everything.  I am not a fan of wrapping.  I much prefer gift bags.  But...they're a lot less fun.  And I always put it off til the last minute because if I wrap and put under the tree, there's a chance the boys will figure out what they got.  Like they don't know already.  It's just the fun of it...gifts get put under the tree on Christmas Eve. 

Anyway, I feel a lot less pressure and stress to get things done.  Even the food we plan to make is purchased and some of it will be made in advance so there are no worries, no stress.  Just peaceful, blissful, relaxation. 

Oooohhh so lazy...

So I wrote the blog earlier talking about our first snow.  I had good intentions, meant to get some stuff done like clean the kitchen, sweep and mop, do some laundry, etc.  We went to this little craft fair thingy and then to the store and now...I'm watching a Psych marathon and feeling guilty for not doing anything.  I'm not sure why I can't just relax and be ok with just doing nothing.  I'll still get the tree up, I swear.  Maybe today, maybe tomorrow....

And so it begins

We have our first snow of the season today.  It's forecasted to be 6-8 inches and the wind is supposed to pick up.  And it's cold, bitterly cold.  You would think I would have enough sense to stay inside where it's nice and warm and cozy and just be happy with putting up the tree and drinking hot chocolate.  But I'm not...I'm going out in this beautiful mess.  Because the dogs need food and I didn't pick it up last night when I had the chance.  I really don't mind though, it's just here in town.  I wouldn't drive any further than to the store and back, that's for sure.

I love the first snow of the year, though.  It's pretty and peaceful.  It gives me an excuse to use any scarf, hat and boot combination I want.  It gives me a reason to break out the camera and have the kids make snow angels.  They are becoming weary of my requests to do it, but as long as they keep giving in, I'll keep asking.  I can also send the pictures back to my family and friends in AZ and make it look like where we live is serene and pretty and that they really should be here.  But then they send pictures of the most amazing sunsets from AZ and I know I really should be there.  And trust me, there is nothing like cactus wrapped in Christmas lights.  Especially barrel cactus in front of my Dad's house.  It always makes me giggle.  It's just how the southwest rolls.