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And so it begins

We have our first snow of the season today.  It's forecasted to be 6-8 inches and the wind is supposed to pick up.  And it's cold, bitterly cold.  You would think I would have enough sense to stay inside where it's nice and warm and cozy and just be happy with putting up the tree and drinking hot chocolate.  But I'm not...I'm going out in this beautiful mess.  Because the dogs need food and I didn't pick it up last night when I had the chance.  I really don't mind though, it's just here in town.  I wouldn't drive any further than to the store and back, that's for sure.

I love the first snow of the year, though.  It's pretty and peaceful.  It gives me an excuse to use any scarf, hat and boot combination I want.  It gives me a reason to break out the camera and have the kids make snow angels.  They are becoming weary of my requests to do it, but as long as they keep giving in, I'll keep asking.  I can also send the pictures back to my family and friends in AZ and make it look like where we live is serene and pretty and that they really should be here.  But then they send pictures of the most amazing sunsets from AZ and I know I really should be there.  And trust me, there is nothing like cactus wrapped in Christmas lights.  Especially barrel cactus in front of my Dad's house.  It always makes me giggle.  It's just how the southwest rolls. 


  1. Mary said...:

    That was cute. Yes, love seeing snow angels! And tonight when the lights come on I will take a picture of the barrel cactus lights and text it to you! I want to make you smile.

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