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No Vulgarity, No Crotch Grabbing!

Yesterday I watched White Christmas for the first time.  I love old movies like that and I love Danny Kaye!  The colors they used in those movies were like nothing else.  Everything is so bright, so vibrant.  The wording they use is old school and really sweet.  "Gee, that's swell, doll!"  "Did you get a load a that dame?"  Gay meant happy. They sure don't make movies like that anymore.

And guess what?  The dance numbers were fabulous and no one grabbed their crotch!  The outfits in each dance number were tasteful, covered everything they needed to cover, there were no wardrobe malfunctions (on accident or on purpose) and yet they were sexy.  The songs had no naughty words in them, they didn't talk about sex, strippers, hookers or drugs and the only stealing they talked about was stealing a kiss or stealing someone's heart.

They sure don't make movies like that anymore.  I sure wish they did.


  1. Corinna said...:

    I love classics and nothing beats the crisp and crackly sound quality of old movies! Roman Holiday is still one of my favorites along with An Affair to Remember.

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