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Personal Responsibility

Today Steve and I were discussing Personal Responsibility.  It used to be a popular concept but now, not so much.  Why is that?  I believe it's generational, but why?  Did we as parents raise this generation to be irresponsible, narcissistic, entitled members of society?  It's not just my kids' generation.  The tail end of my generation has that irresponsible thing going on too. 

It's a measure of your character to take responsibility for you and your actions.  If you don't show up for work and don't get a paycheck, why in the world would you ask your boss for more hours?  You just proved that you can't hack the hours you were already scheduled.  If you make a mistake why can't you own up to it rather than pointing the finger at someone else?  Admit your mistake, make it right, move on! 

My kids will sometimes try to blame a not so great grade on a teacher.  They know that does not fly with me.  Whose responsibility was it to study, to turn in the homework, to show up for class?  Certainly wasn't mine.  Wasn't the teacher's responsibility.  Luckily we don't run in to that too often.  Mostly because it's never worked in the past. 

I've also noticed an alarming trend with men not working.  At least here in our sleepy little town.  I don't venture much into the outside world and try to keep to myself so it could be more prevalent than I realize.  Some go from job to job to job because as soon as they start one they become allergic to honest work and quit.  Or they owe child support so they just don't work so they don't have to pay it.  It's the ultimate FAIL in personal responsibility! 

I think we need to see these trends change, and soon.  Kids need to be taught that they will not like everyone they work with or meet in their lives.  Nothing will be handed to them.  Bosses don't usually give second chances or put up with whiny employees.  And opportunity truly does not come knocking at your door.  Sad, but totally true.  Entitled, spoiled kids make really crappy, spoiled adults! 


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    this is a big issue in our house too. Being in a military community we notice a lot of children who are well.. brats and not in the cute way but the selfish thinking the world owes them everything kind of way lol. We make real effort to ensure that our children are raised with the values we knew as kids rather than those we see as more and more prevalent in children we see nowadays. I think it is a very sad trend that many children these days are growing up with a poor attitude lol

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