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Getting on with my life

This is a phrase I use almost every day.

Mostly it goes like this:

Me: Zach, can you unload the dishwasher please?
Zach: Let me finish building the Great Wall of China on Minecraft.
Me: Ryan, can you please take out the trash?
Ryan: Yeah

Fast forward 3 hours

Me: HELLO!?  Can you both do as you were told so I can get on with the rest of my life?

Every. Day.

Or making a decision on something.  I do it to myself.  And don't think I'm crazy for having this amazing running dialog in my head because I know you do it, too.

Me: What should I make for dinner tonight?
Me: I don't know yet.  What do I have in the freezer I can take out in time to defrost?
Me: Crap, is there time to defrost chicken?
Me: Depending on the dish you make you could throw it in the Crock Pot and call it dinner.
Me: Yeah, but Steve isn't overly fond of that kind of chicken.
Me: He's not cooking it.
Me: This is true.
Me: So, chicken?
Me: Blah, I don't know!!
Me: Seriously make a decision so I can get on with the rest of  my life!!

Which makes this true:



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