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That last rush before school starts

'Twas the week before school
and all through the house
all the kids were whining
until I suggested a joust.

Ok, after that I really have nothing.  It just sounded whimsical and it's hard to rhyme house with anything but mouse.

But, yes.  It's the week before school and we're all trying to cram as much stuff in as we can.  Dentist appointments, doctors appointments for well child check ups, vision appointments.  Dermatologist appointments.  Well woman check ups.  You name it, we've probably had an appointment for it. 

Poor Zachary...my shy little Bean.  He had to have a sports physical today.  New pediatrician.  I purposefully made the appointment with a male doctor.  Guess what the doctor wasn't.  That's right.  A female medical student came in first to do the vitals and the well kid check up.  Then...drop your pants!  I figured that meant the doctor wasn't in, that maybe he had been called away for an emergency or something.  And then she said, I will get the doctor and he will come in and talk to you.

Dr. came in and started the exam all over again!  Poor Bean had two hernia checks!!  And she stayed in the room on the 2nd one!!  I left the room, he didn't want me in there either time.  I'm ok with that, I don't really need to be in on that kind of thing. 

And then down to brass tacks.  He started showing Zach and I charts and grafts to determine his height when he is fully grown.  But this is how he started, "So, how tall do you want to be?"
Zach said, "uh, 6 ft or more".  Dr. said, "hehe, well, you won't be."  I thought that was a bit mean spirited, although he did it with a "nice" tone.  I'm not sure about that, the kid has at least 5 more years to grow and IF he will only be 5'10" as the chart says, that breaks down to an average of 1 inch per year.  I'd be concerned if he didn't grow more than one a year.  Also, according to his growth plate (broken wrist and finger x-rays from previous injuries) and two other doctors he will be about 6 feet.  So.....

Our previous pediatrician joins with this new center in October and he's one of the doctors that told Z he would be 6 ft.

We will definitely be seeking a 2nd opinion.  Ok, they probably don't give 2nd opinions on estimated height, but we just won't see the other doctor again. 

So, physically, we are ready to go back.  Mentally....depends on who you are talking to.  Ryan is ready, he's excited to be a senior.  Zach will be in 8th grade and, not quite so excited.  I'm on the fence.  I'm ready to go back, especially financially.  It's been a long, hard 8 weeks on one income.  On the other hand it's been really nice to have an almost spotless house, no 10 loads of laundry to do in one or two days, but...

New and exciting things are going to happen this year for us school wise.  I just know it! :)


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