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Yep, another (wistful) school post...

I have lost track of what 'phase' of life I'm in right now. 

I've said before that I'm in the 2nd phase.  A few weeks ago I might have mentioned I was in the 3rd phase. 

I'm absolutely positive I'm in the "can't remember shit" phase.


The boys are no longer little.  My marriage is no longer "new".  We have our routines, our habits, as parents, as children, as partners, as siblings.  It's been a little challenging at times.  It's even been more than challenging, but not as often.  But it's always, always been a joy.

Ryan, our oldest, is entering his senior year in high school.  We've been through a lot of firsts with that kid.  First birthday, natch.  First day of Kindergarten.  First high school, first dance, first date, first girlfriend, first time driving on his own.  First job.  Now we're looking at his last year of high school.  The last classes, the last school dances.  Oh, I didn't even mean for that to rhyme! The last year he will, most likely, play football.

And Zach.  My sweet little Bean.  Entering the 8th grade.  He's been through a few firsts now, too.  We have a lot of firsts left with him.  But right now, 8th grade is a "last" phase for him, too.  This year will be his last to play basketball as a middle schooler.  This will be his last year to "slack".  He's done a good job all through school, but prepping for high school...the pressure is on this year. 

And then, there's me.  Starting college again.  At the brilliant age of 42.  Me, the girl who can't remember what phase she's in.  The one with the ever changing eye sight, not to mention digestion, the fading memory (did I just kind of say that?) and the nearly grown family to still help raise.  The one that loves new things but gets bored easily, that rarely finishes what she starts. The one that absolutely hates to be obligated to anything.  But also the one that is determined to reach the goal.  The one that is like a dog with a bone when she really, really, really wants something.

So, they are finishing, and I'm beginning.  We're all a bit nervous, all a bit excited.  But we are ready.


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