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Monsoon season

Living in the desert, we have what is called monsoon.  I call it the "false promises and major disappointment" season.  It actually is a season of high winds and high temperatures and sometimes brings a bit of rain.  Sometimes a haboob.  A haboob is a major dust storm, starting with a wall of dust that moves from one side of the valley to the other.  Check out the Phoenix Haboob on YouTube sometime.  It's quite amazing. 

Every afternoon we watch the clouds build up over the mountains behind our house.  We watch them get darker and sink lower.  It's kind of pretty.  Then, the thunder starts.  Loud booms of thunder that we hope promises rain.  Lightning flashes in those dark clouds. And then...

Nothing.  A big, fat nothing.  Not one stinking drop of rain.  There is wind and there is dust.  No rain. 

Other parts of the valley get rain, mostly the east side.  Over here on the west side best side we get nada.  It's a bit discouraging. 

It is fun to watch though, and try to guess what Mother Nature will decide to do. 


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