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So far, so ... eh

I have an iPhone.  I'm not in love with the iPhone.  I like having a smartphone, but I'd rather it not be an iPhone.  Live and learn.  Anyway...

I've started to venture into a few apps.  Pandora is a favorite.  Who doesn't like free music?  I don't mind a few ads every now and again.  I downloaded the Kindle app.  Ehh.  It's an iPhone so the screen is small but it serves a purpose if I'm bored somewhere, standing in line somewhere, waiting in a doctor's office somewhere.  I've downloaded a few free books from Book Bub.  I'm too cheap to pay for any of them so I just get the free ones. 

And, holy cow!  They are bad.  I should probably research more and see if these little nuggets are self-published but the truth of the matter is, I don't really care.  No matter how bad they are, I seem to get sucked in!  I'm suckered by the "what happens next" every single time.  Once I start it I have to see how it ends.  Not that any of the characters are overly interesting.  The writing is so-so.  But curiosity gets the better of me.  Every stinkin time!

If it is so horribly written I can't make sense of it, I have no problem leaving it.  But if it is even remotely interesting, if there is even a little bit of a hook...curiosity takes over.  It's even worse if there is series.  I will read every one just because now I really have to see how it turns out.  A 3 book series?  I will suffer through them all just to see how it all ends. 

Pathetic, I know.


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