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This Makes it Worth It

The 8th graders go to me today.  I tried really hard to behave, but I ended up telling one off, in the nicest way possible, of course, and kicked his butt out of class for disrespect.  He's a kid who is constantly in trouble and now I know why.  Anyway...

So after our regular school hours, kids go to the after care program and it is often held in the library.  A little boy in the program asked if he could look for a book for his class project and if I could help him find a book on Peregrine Falcons.  Of course, I said yes.  He told me he was in second grade.  We went to the section where the Peregrine Falcons could be found and sat on the floor.  He selected a book on birds of prey and started thumbing through.  He would stop and tell me about what was catching his interest and he decided it would be a great book for his class report. 

So a few minutes later he hands the book back to me.  I said, "do you need it for a little bit longer?"  He said he didn't.  He started to talk to me about video games, games like Mario Party and Donkey Kong.  "Do you know what?" he'd ask and start telling me what!  We talked about Michigan and how his dad was born in Michigan but is not from Detroit and you don't find many people that are actually from Detroit and how they both really like hockey.  My new friend Jack, it turns out, is a Phoenix Coyotes fan and his dad is a Red Wings fan. They were sweating out a tied game between the two last year during the playoffs.  My new friend Jack is also very animated and makes the most adorable facial expressions when he is telling his story.  He tells a great story and he is a lot of fun to watch.  His entire face gets into the story. I also found out that he records the Wild Kratts.  I miss the show now that my own kids are older.  He seemed surprised that I knew who they were.  And Jack also saves money for the book fair.  He's got $59 burning a hole in his pocket.

Chatting with a 2nd grader.  What a great way to end my day!


  1. Mary Moore said...:

    I love this story. You have a great way of making it interesting too! I love that about you.

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