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The Ugly Truth

Due to the sad, sad events of Friday, today at work we had a lock down drill.  We had discussions with parents and meetings with law enforcement.  Our principals and our Superindendent will meet this week to discuss ways we can keep our campus safer.  Because as our police officer pointed out, it's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when". 

Our town is small.  Not rural, like a few other schools within our district, but small and a little out of the way.  You kind of have to know where you are going "up the hill" if you want to find us.  It doesn't make us any safer, although we'd like to think so. 

We've all been told to be hyper-vigilant, be more aware of who is on campus and why.  Right now, many, many parents walk their kids directly to class in the morning and wait right outside the gate for afternoon pick up.  There is some discussion on whether or not to take that option away, at least for the drop off.  We all have mixed feelings about it.  And different reasons for those mixed feelings.  We will discuss on whether or not we want to have an auto lock on the front office entrance and "buzz" people in.  There are mixed feelings on that too. 

But, this afternoon, one of the Kinders came in to the office and was waiting to talk to the principal.  He was in a bit of trouble and sat quietly waiting, his brown eyes huge, taking everything in.  His blond hair was messy and he was completely adorable.  And I felt so unbareably sad.  Those poor, innocent, precious children, barely more than babies really, the same as this little one sitting before me.  And they are gone. 

So, yes, if that means a little bit of extra work on staff's part, if that means more taxpayer money or bond overrides or whatever, I will never complain or roll my eyes or even sigh heavily at the school for going "overboard".  Because it means that our children are a little bit safer. Because it's not a matter of "if"...


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