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Our Father, Who Art in Heaven...I'm sad for you.

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First things first.  I am female. I am white.  I am Progressive Republican.  I am heterosexual.  I am a supporter of marriage equality.  I am Christian.

I am embarrassed.

I am ashamed.

You see, the God that created me, the God I follow, the God I whole-heartedly believe in, created the story of me before I was even born.  He created the story of you, too.  Just as he created the story of the homosexual couple that lives down the block from you.

I firmly believe that homosexuality is not a choice.  I didn't chose to be heterosexual.  I just am.  So why would I be so obnoxious as to assume homosexuals choose to be gay?  If I believe that God created us perfectly, I cannot believe that he hates homosexuals.  Yet a lot of my fellow Christians are saying exactly that.  If God wrote our life story before we were even born then He wrote us as straight or He wrote us as gay.

I am embarrassed that my God looks unwelcoming and unloving based on the actions that His children on earth are portraying by preaching hate and intolerance of people that are not exactly like them.

I am ashamed to be grouped with other Christians that are also Republicans.  They fight to have marriage remain between a man and woman yet as Christians we are taught that love is love and we are to love one another.  Yes, of course you can love the sinner but not the sin.  But is it sin if God created you that way?

If you don't agree with any of that, that's great.  Because guess what?!  You do not have to be like me. You do not have to believe what I believe in.  You do not have to like what I like.  We can be different and we can get along.  You do not have to live according to my beliefs.

And no one has to live according to yours.


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