wADmM5mNLtOv064mhMCS_CYE3Bc Just Dorothy: I don't feel guilty. I don't!

I don't feel guilty. I don't!

Ahhh, a day off, all to myself!  I can enjoy the peace and quiet that is "the home with no boys", except...

So this morning, as with every school day morning, Zach puts on "the show".  The hacking cough, you know, the one that sounds like it's coming from his belly button because he's forcing himself to do it so hard, mouth wide open, etc, etc.  The low, raspy, "I don't feel good" comment, complete with half closed eyes, mopey face.  Yeah, THAT show. 

This kid runs around all day at school, comes home, plays basketball, plays on the computer, plays xbox, reads his book, eats dinner, showers and I swear to God he sings while doing ALL of those things, couldn't sound and act like a happier kid.  And then.  Yes, and then....

"HACKCOUGHCOUGHCOUCHHACK", "Mom, I don't feel good."  And here is my standard reply:  "Don't give me that crap Zachary, you do this every night.  You ARE going to school tomorrow so don't even start.  You just ran around here like a chicken with your head cut off and you now you say you don't feel good?  Drink some water and go poop."  And his standard reply is, "Is that your answer for everything?  Water and pooping don't solve everything."  Sigh. 

So, back to this mornings show: 
Zach: "Mom, I don't feel good"
Me: *See standard reply above"
Zach: "This time it's REAL!!"

I take his temp.  None.  A perfect 98.6.

Me: "You don't have a fever, eat breakfast, you'll feel better"
Zach: *Sounds of stomping off, slamming drawers, getting dressed* "FINE, LET'S GO.  NOW"
Me:  "Hang on, Ryan's not ready yet, we've still got time"

I drop them off at school and try not to speed away as soon as they slam the doors. 

Fast forward to 11:00 am.  "Hi Alicia, it's Nurse Julie.  Got the day off?  Well not anymore, I'm sending a sick kid home to ya.  Zach's running a fever of 101."

And guess who is now playing xbox and singing his little heart out?


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