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Sometimes I do it on purpose

I miss my kids being little sometimes.  Not babies, although sometimes, sometimes I miss that, too.  I miss them being between 2 and 5.  Everything was so new to them and everything was an adventure.  They needed me but they were gaining independence.  They never minded when I sang out loud and didn't even care if it was in front of their friends.  That's pretty much changed now.  Now they are 15 and 11 and I have the power to embarrass them by simply breathing. 

They used to like it when I would sing.  Now they tell me not to sing if they have a friend in the car.  I can't dance in the grocery store aisles anymore, they don't like that either.  But sometimes I do both of those things on purpose.  If they are being outright rude, disrespectful or have major attituded towards me for no reason (you know those tween/teen mood swings!) I will just start being a dork in public.  It either makes them shape up or gets them away from me.  Either way it's a win-win!

Both boys still discover new things.  Ryan is discovering how to choose friends and how to make smart decisions.  He's doing really well with both.  Zach is discovering sarcasm and irony.  It's annoying when it's directed at me.  They are both really good kids and I enjoy them.  Especially when I can embarrass them!


  1. I saw this post on Bloggy Moms and could help but chuckle. I too am on the verge of 40 but my son is only 8 months old. Your story made me smile because I can only imagine what it will be like when he will be in his tween/teens years. Yikes, I'll be in 50's! I hope I can handle it with a sense of humor as you do!

  1. Hi, stopping by from Bloggy Moms. Great blog. I am now following.

  1. As a pregnant first time mom, this post provides so much insight, but makes me want to make sure I appreciate every moment when they are both young and old...remembering that both experiences will be different. I look forward to more of your updates.

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  1. Fara said...:

    I miss my babies too, are toddlers which is a GREAT ADVENTURE!
    Great blog
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  1. Scary Mommy said...:

    I know that I'll feel the same way. As exhausting as this time is, it's so amazing too. And it's just flying by.

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