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Completely Disgusted

Excuse me while I have a moment of vent-iness. 

I have purposely not watched any "news" on this whole Charlie Sheen thing.  Nor do I ever really pay much attention to anything going on in the "celebrity news".  Certainly I see it, I hear it.  Can't help but see and hear that crap when it's all over the news, all over the internet, people are blogging about it and tweeting about it.  Miley Cyrus swings on a pole and smokes some kind of crap out of a bong looking thing and Billy blames Disney.  Yeah, I caught that juicy little blurb on the front page of my server.  Based on that comment I didn't read on, did not and will not give it any more attention that it deserves.  Because it deserves none! 

Maybe I'm being really judgemental and preachy but give me a break.  Media feeds in to the behavior.  Lindsay can't land a movie but she can land in jail, gasp, breaking news!  Charlie is on drugs and lives with porn starts.  One day of rehab and he has a spiritual awakening.  No, Charlie, it's called withdrawl.  But why do we keep listening to it?  I get so sick and tired of turning on the tv or turning on the computer and "hearing" about this.  Against my will!!!  Yes, yes, you say I can turn off the tv or just not sign on to the computer.  But it's way beyond that.  It's everywhere.  Everywhere....it's unavoidable. 

There are so many more things to be concerned with, real life train wrecks that are happening in our own neighborhoods and our own communities.  Why do we have to watch the train wrecks that these so called "celebrities" have become?  Enough all ready.


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