wADmM5mNLtOv064mhMCS_CYE3Bc Just Dorothy: Hello Dark Circle ~ Aging Part 3

Hello Dark Circle ~ Aging Part 3

So it's been creeping up on me ever so slowly.  But this morning I actually had to "conceal" it.  With concealer, people!  I don't normally use concealer.  A dark circle has appeared under my left eye.  Only it's not really a circle.  More like a half assed line.  When I first noticed it a while back I thought it was eye make up.  Tried to wipe it off.  Nope.  Thought maybe it was a shadow from my lucious lashes but then remembered I don't have lucious lashes.  It's a freakin half assed line!  *sigh*


  1. Ugh, I have the worst eye circles. It's probably because being a mom, I won't get a good night of sleep for the next 18 years...

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