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It could be a best seller

My husband is quite a critical guy.  He's somewhat judgemental.  And indignant about how right he is about his opinions.  Today we're at Walmart, the prime place for judging all kinds of people.  Hey, I have opinions about a lot of the typical Walmart shoppers and I'm sure you do too! 

Anyway, we're pulling into the parking lot and there are three people walking down the middle of the lane so that we couldn't go around them to park.  And it's illegal to run them over.  We finally get a spot, get out and Steve says, "Ya know, some people are just stupid.  I mean, really, really stupid.  Why would you walk down the middle of the road fully knowing there are cars behind you?" 

He's decided he's going to write a book titled, How Not to be Stupid, and for God's Sake, Buy a Mirror!  Because, as you probably know, Walmart shoppers often show up in their pajamas.  Slippers. Board shorts and cowboy boots.  You know you've seen what I'm talking about!  I think it could be a best seller. 

Just in case you haven't noticed the funky Walmart attire you can visit http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/


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