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Let me get this straight...

Again, I don't "do" politics.  However, I feel like I just need to get all of this out to make sense of it. 
The government wants to cut funding for lots of stuff.  Stuff like senior care and education.  And other things in between.  4H is facing cuts.  The Ryde bus will lose funding.  Teachers aide positions for Head Start will be cut and lots of home based educator positions will be lost. 

Smart thinking!  Let's make sure our seniors can't get to doctors appointments or to the grocery store or to the senior center to eat.  And who really cares if those low income kids get an education, right?  They don't need it.  They don't need the healthy breakfast they are fed each and every morning, meeting at least a third of their nutritional requirements.  They don't need to have a physical, dental or vision exam just in case it would detect any problems early on.  Finding it later on in elementary school or well, high school is good enough, right? 

In this small town we don't need 4H.  There are TONS of things to do here in this town of about 2000.  You know, the town where the coffee shop closes at 3:30.  The town where the rest of the sidewalks roll up at dusk.  The youth of this town are left to their own devices and guess how many teen girls are now pregnant? 

Our company has told us that they have faced these cuts 10 times before.  And each time they weren't panicky about it.  But this time they say it is different.  No positive spin on it.  Nothing good about it, it's just all bad.  The people that need these services the most will be the ones to suffer the most and lots of jobs will be lost.  And what about unemployment? 

But hey, it's not all bad!  All of our representatives will still have jobs, insurance, short term and long term disability, a good income.  That's a good thing right?  Because they will still be in a position to make decisions based on what they think is in our "best interest".  Because they've done such a great job of doing that so far!

Good luck friends and neighbors, see you in the food line.  Oh yeah, that won't exist either.


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