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Keeping Chickens

So I'm thinking we need to start keeping chickens and start a garden.  Except I'm just a little afraid of chickens and I have failed at everything I've tried to grow.  Ever.  So...why do I think we should at least look into the possibility? 

There are a couple reasons.  You have a few chickens and a rooster and they do their fowl business and you get baby chickens.  Chickens lay eggs.  You can eat the eggs or sell the eggs.  You can eat or sell the chickens.  Except I can't see Steve catching a chicken let alone chopping it's head off.  And there is no way in hell I'm plucking it!  But, if you plant a garden chickens could provide pest control.  Chickens basically also eat compost.  So if you start a compost thingy and have chickens you can fertilize your garden, keep it bug free, and hopefully get tons of produce out of your garden.  You can eat the produce or you can sell the produce. 

So, see, keeping chickens isn't such a bad idea.  It's kind of a win-win.  Maybe not for the chickens though.


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  1. Tracy said...:

    Stopping by from Bloggy Moms to say HI and follow :) I think you should get the chickens...make sense to me!!
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  1. Laura said...:

    Chickens aren't so bad! My grandparents had a chicken farm when I was little. I used to help pluck them after my grandma chopped the heads off. Memories!

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  1. I'd love to buy some chickens and I love that last line. Sooo awesome!!! ;)

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    Bloggy mom member here. I hate chickens so I would vote no, but you may really have a great time with them.

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    stopping by from bloggy moms...enjoyed visiting your blog! My sister in-law and her husband just recently bought a couple of chickens (sounds like a lot of work)but closer to being self sustaining...


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    Thanks everyone for your kind comments and for the "follow"! I'm following you too. Enjoying what I'm reading from you talented women!

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