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Nanny was a hugger!

In my family on my mom's side we call our grandmas "Nanny".  We always have, always will.  When my boys have kids I will be Nanny.  My Nanny passed away several years ago and I still miss her terribly.  I've been having a lot of dreams about her lately. 

She was one of those people that never met a stranger.  Everyone loved my Nanny.  She was the kindest, most generous person in the world.  Nanny and Poppy (our grandpa) gave whatever they could to who ever needed it.  They were kind to strangers, almost to a fault.  One time Pops picked up a hitchiker.  Anyone else I know would never have done such a dangerous thing.  But he did.  He brought the poor kid to the house, Nan fed him a sandwich and they just sat and talked the afternoon away.  Nanny packed him a few more sandwiches and drinks, and Poppy took him to the New River freeway exit so he could catch his next ride.  The kid was about 23 or so and from England and was just back packing his way across America.  That Christmas and for a few years after that they got Christmas cards from him.  And when he got married they got cards from him and his wife.  It just shows what an impact those two people had on others. 

Nan was flawed but when we were younger we never, ever saw it.  She was perfect to us in every way.  She invented bowling with oranges and beer cans.  The only purpose those ornamental orange trees had was to provide us with the "bowling balls".  She would line up cans like bowling pins and have us knock them down with the oranges.  She also invented hot dog stew.  When money was tight we'd eat hot dog stew for 2 days.  And it's exactly what it sounds like - hot dogs, sauted onions and potatoes and brown gravy.  It's gross and comforting at the same time.  She and her mother, Nanny Dot would go and get their hair done once a week, go grocery shopping together all the time and every once in a while go to lunch.  When Nanny Dot died Nanny seemed a little lost.  She stopped doing a lot of those things.  Except the hair.  She always got her hair done.  And she always had pink lipstick.  She would leave her trademark pink lip print somewhere on you.  You'd try to avoid it but she'd always nail you.  I miss those pink lipstick kisses.  Nan was passionate about her Phoenix Suns and absolutely detested the Lakers.  When the whole O.J. Simpson trial was on she sat glued to the TV day in and day out and arranged her hair appointments around that damn trial.  It was pretty comical!  Nan hugged everyone.  Her hairdresser, her doctors, she would even hug the waiters and waitresses at her favorite restaurant.  Not even kidding! <3

I'm not even doing her or her memory justice because I just can't even put in to words all the wonderful things she was and all the wonderful things she did.  But I can say that she and Poppy left us wonderful memories that I'd like to share from time to time. 

Love you Nanny & Poppy!


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