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Let go and let God

This crossed my mind today: "Let go and let God". 

It seems to me that I probably need to tell myself this on an hourly basis.  I worry and stress about a lot of things.  About my job, my soon to be lack of job, money, my weight.  The list goes on and on. 

I tend to dwell on things.  I'm a dweller.  What if I can't find a seasonal job?  What if we don't have enough money over the summer?  What if the center closes and I don't have a job to go back to in the fall?  What if I don't lose this weight by the middle of June? 

Steve told me to stop worrying because there is nothing I can do about some of those things but to keep trying to work on those things that I can.  I can keep looking for a different job and or a summer job.  I can watch what I eat and work out.  If the center closes due to government budget cuts, well, there's not much I can do about that.  I just need to remind myself of these things.  And remind myself to Let go and let God.  He always provides something, somehow, someway even if it's not what we think we need.


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