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Dingbat Directions

I have zero sense of direction and I almost always get turned around.  It's bad enough that I even get turned around in a mall.  And that's not an exaggeration.  When I drive somewhere I am unfamiliar with I will look for landmarks and remember turn by turn how I got there so I can just reverse it to find my way back.  If I could I would leave a bread crumb trail. 

So today, my darling and I were trying to find this place of business we had only been to once or twice.  Now, keep in mind we've been married for over 16 years and my lack of direction is not a new development. Where was I?  Oh yes, we're driving and we're coming from the opposite direction and I said, "it's on something like 8th and A street or B street.  Can't remember which one but they are a block apart."  So we go past 8th street and he does that sigh and tsk thing.  Oh yes he did!  I said, "Don't even do that to me since I told you like 4 times now that it was on 8th!" 

He flips a u-turn and goes back to 8th.  We get to A street.  No business.  We get to B street.  No business.  The smart ass says, "Maybe C??"  Of course, it was on C street.  He continues on and says how if we were under attack I'd be a goner.  I can't disagree.  I totally would be one of the first to go.  And since the guys in my house are convinced it will be a zombie attack I'm so ok with being one of the first to go. 

I borrowed this picture from google images.  Would YOU want to live with this??


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