wADmM5mNLtOv064mhMCS_CYE3Bc Just Dorothy: Bummed


Why does it seem like for every step forward we take two back?  I'm sure most Americans feel this way in this day and age.  But sometimes I feel like I have this unlucky cloud hanging over us and or me. 

Mostly for us it is this unlucky financial cloud.  I also feel bad complaining because we have "luxuries".  We have satellite television, although not ALL the channels, but a moderate package.  And we have internet, whick I consider a necessity, not really a luxury.  We eat well, not too many mac and cheese and hot dog nights for us, but we aren't eating steak every night either.  We aren't in danger of losing our home or having the electric turned off or anything.  Sometimes we're late paying bills either by circumstance or because I simply forgot (have you seen my aging post??).  We drive decent cars but pray every day that they don't break down because we couldn't afford the repairs.  And we don't owe anything on them which is a plus. Wish gas prices would go down though.

I guess mostly I'm just bummed because it seems like we work really hard but we can't afford to take a vacation.  We budget and plan to take our kids to a movie.  Seriously.  A movie.  Forget about taking a vacation or even an overnight stay in a hotel, which quite honestly, I'd kill for.  We can't afford a staycation!   And a bigger bummer is....we don't make bad money for what we actually have to pay out.  And for the most part (yes, the most part) we can account for where it goes.  We both work full time so.... I just don't know.  It's very frustrating and bums me out. 


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