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It's a happy and sad kind of thing...

Yesterday on our little trek into town, Steve and I stopped by a church to pick something up.  We were in the parking lot watching people walk in with gift bags, wrapped presents, birthday balloons, a huge sheet cake and a few boxes.  Obviously a birthday party was going to take place there.  The little girl was turning one (we saw the mylar "1" shaped balloons) and there was pink and purple everywhere!  So when I walked into the kitchen area of the church the mom and dad were making veggie trays, setting the cake out, sorting plasticware, making punch, getting out pink and purple table cloths, all that kind of stuff.  And my first thought was "I'm so glad I don't have to do that anymore!", followed by a sad "idon'thavetodothatanymore".  The boys are old enough that they don't have parties anymore.  No longer do we have to do goodie bags and Spiderman cake.  No more party favors, mid party melt downs from tired 3 year old guests, no more blowing out the candles and spitting on the cake.  I'm so ok with that.  But I'm so not ok with that.  It makes me a little sad that they've outgrown that but then again it means we are free to do other things that we couldn't when they were smaller. 

We can go to a nice restaurant instead of Burger King.  I don't have to order chicken nuggets and french fries.  We can see a movie that doesn't have a G rating.  We can go to the mall and shop without praying that neither one has to poop because you do NOT want them sitting on those toilets!  And someone always had to poop. 

Ryan will turn 16 in December and Zach will turn 12 in November.  Maybe I can make a big deal out of the 16th birthday, just for old times sake? 

Ry was 11 in this picture and Zach was 7 (I think!) 

And now he does things like this....oh how I love this kid!


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    hahaha. That last picture is EPIC <3
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  1. Aww...it IS a happy/sad kind of thing. Sweet story Mom! I'm JUST now starting this journey. I turn 40 in May, then our baby turns ONE in June. Will I be able to pull of party planning and goodie bag filling? The last pic cracks me up. I can see my son being that silly too one day!


  1. stacey said...:

    I know what you mean! When my youngest still hops in bed with me I sometimes wish she wouldn't... tthen I remember how my oldest uhsed to and I wish for those times back.
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