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Dear Daylight Savings Time,

Dear Daylight Savings Time,
     I don't mean to be rude, but I don't think I like you much.  We gain an hour of sunlight but lose an hour of sleep.  I'm a fan of sunlight, now that I live in the midwest, and I'm a fan of sleep.  But even if we change the clocks ahead we'll still have the sunlight so....I don't understand your point.  Yes, I've heard you were created so that the farmers would have one more hour of sunlight to do their thing, but today's farmers usually have lights on their equipment and farm well into the night if need be so you are kind of pointless.

    You make people grumpy and tired and feel all out of sorts for about a week or two when you first come around.  This just makes you suck.  It also means that there is a 2 hour difference now between my family and me for calling them.  This just makes you suck even more.  One hour was reasonable.  Two, just mean. 

     So, Daylight Savings Time, can you please just leave and not come back?  We really don't need you and we really don't like you.  No offense, you're just not a good fit.

            Just about everyone in the United States


  1. Laura said...:

    I love this post! I totally agree with you. Love the extra hour of light but hate that my sleep and my toddler's sleep gets messed up so much!

    I can never remember to change all the clocks and watches around the house so I never know if the time I'm looking at is right or not. Ugh.

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