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Inspiration for today's blog comes from ...

A Hootie Hoot!  She has a post on her fear of clowns.  I thought about how I am afraid of clowns too but neither of us is really sure why we are.  The point is, it got me thinking about the things I fear that seem irrational. 

Latex balloons and tubes of biscuits send me through the roof!  I'm not sure why either of those make me a nervous, sweating wreck but they do!

My poor kids, when they were little we'd go somewhere and they'd be given balloons.  Grocery store, pizza place, birthday party.  Their little faces would light up and they'd be so excited to show it to me.  My heart would start racing, my breathing would get labored, I'd start sweating.  I tried not to show my fear too much in front of them or anyone else as I quickly got out of the same room as that damn balloon.  If the kids wanted to take it with them I'd "accidentally" let it go before we got to the car.  Eventually they caught on and would beg me to let them take it.  Eventually they caught on that it was never gonna happen and stopped asking.  I once missed my nephew's birthday party because they were going to have a balloon artist there.  The squeaky squeak of that latex rubbing on hair, hands or teeth makes me freak out!  I am still that way and don't see that changing in my lifetime.

Tubes of biscuits have the same effect on me.  I can hold a tube in my hands just fine, but the thought of opening it...I just can't do it!  I start shaking and my mouth gets all dry.  One time I tried to instruct Ryan, who was about 8 at the time, on how to open it.  "Just start ripping that tabby thing at this end.  When the paper starts unwrapping it will pop open."  As he started tearing, I plugged my ears, ran out of the room and waited for him to come and get me.  But of course it was one of those dud cans that don't open by unwrapping, you have to smack it on the counter.  So by this time I have him so freaked out he won't smack it on the counter.  I had him take it to the next door neighbor to open it the rest of the way. 

So, those are my irrational fears.  I suppose it's not too bad considering I once saw a lady years ago on the Maury Povich show that had a fear of regular mustard. 


  1. Laura said...:

    Wow! I feel honored that I could be the inspiration for your post! And, you hit the nail on the head for two of the other things I don't like either - latex balloons and biscuit tubes. What is it about them that just totally freak me out? Had to open a tube of biscuits the other day and, of course, jumped when it popped open. I always have to say no when they try to give my son a balloon because I'm afraid it's going to pop while I'm holding it. I'm almost 39 and still afraid of this stuff. Go figure!

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