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It's so brilliantly simple, it just might work!

Last night while watching the news, another few minutes was given to the despicable Westboro Baptist Church.  Why I'm properly capitalizing them, I don't know.  They are lower than scum.  But have the constitutional right to protest at funerals.  The topic was a bit different last night though.  Our local news interviewed two pastors, one from a Baptist church and one, well, I think he was Methodist.  They both declined to say whether or not they agreed with the constitutional right but they did say that this particular chuch should not be allowed to call themselves a "Baptist" church. 

Considering they do not follow God's word and actually "preach" the opposite, I'd say I have to agree.  That church turns people away from Christ.  You know what they say about one bad apple spoiling the whole bunch.  They do not talk of love and faith and grace the way Jesus wants us to.  They talk about how God "hates" soldiers, etc, etc and all that other crap that they spew. 

So here is a radical idea.  Stop covering them.  All news stations, all newspapers, all social media, just stop.  They've taken enough of our time already.  Maybe we can flood all of these news sources with calls and letters and emails and tweets and blogs, etc, and let them know that we don't want to see coverage of them anymore.  They have gotten so much free publicity out of this, they are one of the best known churces around!  Let's start a campaign, shall we?

I also think that when the old codger that runs that place with his family finally croaks we should all head up there and hold signs that say "burn in hell", like he does at those soldiers funerals.  It's is after all, one of our constitutional rights. 


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