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Uppin Our Game

Last night Steve and I were talking about the dreaded "holiday" coming up. Yep, Valentine's Day. It's all hearts and flowers and we're not all hearts and flowers. Neither of us is overly romantic and we've never really done anything "special" on this day. But last night I said we should probably try to be more "romantic" towards each other. He said, "Leesh, after 16 years of marriage you want me to be romantic? I don't know how to be romantic." I said neither do I but I feel like I needed to "up my game" in that regard. So, here's the scenario last night: we ran out to get Subway and Steve had unwrapped my sub, put it on a plate, made me a glass of Pepsi and let me sit in the "big daddy chair" to eat it. Oh, yes ~ my heart just swelled at that! However, when I asked for a refill he said, "don't go overboard or anything on this whole romantic thing." Yep, that's MY guy! So, we'll keep trying to up our game and do nice little things here and there, not because we have to but because we want to.


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