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Step Uno

I like to think of myself as a creative person. But I don't think I really am. I like to start a lot of stuff but I never actually go through with a whole project. There's a lot of unfinished projects in our guest room that have gotten pushed to the side. And I'm forever vowing I will get a few pages on the scrapbook done so I can move out of 2008 and on to 2009. On a side note, I was thinking that each boy needs their own scrapbook of themselves and I have yet to start one. It's all family ones, with all of us. Ryan is a freshman, I should probably get started. I digress. Anyway...

I have a book cover and a book binder. I have card stock, regular colored paper and a printer/copier/scanner. Why don't I make my own book instead of sending it to a publisher? The story I want to publish/illustrate I would have all the pictures for since it relates to Ryan when he was about 4 years old. So, why not scan them, print them and bind them in the book all by myself? I'm gonna do it. I swear I'm gonna do it. Soon. I have to find the 4 year old pictures first.


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