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Treasure box

When I was in high school I collected stuff. Just random little trinkets here and there, stuck them in a box and there they sat for the last 20 years. During one of our snow days this week I took down one of the boxes and went through it. I found a fingerless glove, Madonna's Like A Virgin type, that I wore for my 8th grade graduation, name cards from my high school graduation invitations, a tin heart-shaped box with a teddy bear on it and a heart-shaped pencil shapener and eraser still in the package. I don't know what made me keep them back then, I just did. I kept everything as is except the eraser and pencil sharpener. I took those to work. And the name cards got tossed. They had my maiden name on them anyway.

One more thing that was in the box ~ a wooden A and a wooden licia, all in cursive and painted red. My dad made this for me while I was either in 8th grade or a freshman in high school. The A keeps falling off no matter what I try to make it stick. It doesn't matter though. Both parts will stay in the box, just waiting for me to take them out again.

I have other collections too, although they aren't as cool as my first. I have this habit of collecting empty boxes, thinking I'm going to use them for something later. I never do and then end up throwing them away after several months. I also collect cans, like coffee cans. My idea is to wrap them in cool scrapbook paper or card stock and use them as unique gift wrap. Never do that either.

Maybe one of these days I'll get better about decluttering my life, but for now, I'll keep the one box in the closet and the ONE empty coffee can. Our current coffee can is full anyway.


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