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Take your shoes and shove them up your arse...

Ok, I'm trying to buy shoes for a wedding I will be in in July (hi Amy!!). The wedding is in Arizona and the dress I have can be dressed up with close toed shoes or you can wear sandals. I prefer sandals. But I can wear either, doesn't matter to the bride. But I have one teeny tiny problem. I have very, very wide feet. I have always had problems buying shoes, even as a kid. I could never have the cute trendy kind all the other kids were wearing because they just wouldn't fit. Times have NOT changed in that regard. Why does the need to buy wide shoes mean you have to settle for UGLY! I'm not 90 and I don't need orthopedic sandals that have an extra large toe box for my non existant bunions! Zappos isn't cutting it and I really, really don't want to pay $80 for shoes I will wear once. Just my little vent. I will find something sooner or later, I still have 6 months. Oh my God, I only have 6 months!!


  1. Mary said...:

    Did you find a pair for the wedding? I have been looking too. Summer, sandals always a good choice.

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