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A major vent!

I want to know why, why, WHY some people feel it is ok to completely abuse the "system"! Like it is their God given right to lie and cheat me out of our tax dollars so they can do whatever it is they want to do. Why is it ok to have 5 kids, all under the age of 5 and not work yet still send them to daycare that is PAID FOR BY THE STATE!!??? This totally infuriates me. And it should infuriate you, too. Our tax dollars support this program, right? Of course I'm venting about a particular situation yet I know this is definitely not an isolated case. She had the balls, yes the freaking biggest balls, to actually say to her daughter (in front of me!) "no, you can't come home with me, I have to do a few things at home and then I need to relax." Relax from what, exactly? Your hard day? You dropped your other 4 kids off at daycare earlier that morning and after you dropped your preschooler off you went back home and went to bed! And now you pick her up and drop her off at daycare? So you can do a few things? Welcome to being a parent you lazy bitch! Deal with it!
Do not misunderstand. I know some people need serious financial help. I totally get it because I've been there, too. Food stamps I understand, WIC I understand. Use it if you can people, times are hard! I even understand not working because you have 5 kids and actually paying for day care would mean you make absolutely nothing. But to abuse the state resources for day care when you DON'T WORK. It's completely shameful.


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