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Oooo La La

There's really nothing to Oooo La La about but it sounded good! Actually I have a Awwww, la la moment to report. Came home today at lunch time and my awwww-mazing husband had the kitchen clean, the floor swept and mopped, the last loads of laundry dried and the chicken marinating. Oh, and he vacuumed too! He pre-cooked bacon for breakfast tomorrow (which, in itself is totally worth accolades! I love me some bacon!)and took out all the trash. In the entire house! Eat your hearts out ladies (and maybe a few gentlemen??) he's taken. Forever!


  1. Mary said...:

    I knew he was good, but wow that is really good. Way to go Steve. You do get accolades for that. And bacon to boot. Good man you are. Good man.

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