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Oy vey

Is it Oy vey or Oy vay? Either way I'm sitting here listening to the "snake" the plumbers are putting down the pipe. This is the 3rd or 4th time they've done this since we've lived here. Our basement has various cracks and pipes are put together in a somewhat nonsensical way. Apparently the dishwasher/sink/disposal uses the same pipe as the washing machine so every 6 months or so it gets clogged and starts backing up. Our washing machine is the only appliance that gives us a sign. It starts leaking. I still haven't figured out where the water is coming from exactly. I mean, yes, the pipe, but the pipe is never wet and neither is the ground underneath the pipe. But underneath the washing machine is wet. Also, there is no drain in the basement to make this not run towards the side that is slanted towards my sons room. Therefore water just runs straight towards the shared wall. Now the plumber just informed me that it's not coming up through the crack but doesn't know where it's coming from yet. We went back into the bathroom and there is now black water coming through THAT pipe. It's not sewer water, thank God, but it's not dirt either. That's never happened before. The carpet outside the bathroom door is saturated. Saturated. Carpet. Equals mold eventually. And the linoleum has been soaked too but there is no water coming from where you would think water would come from to just have water sitting there!!! I have no idea where this water is coming from. My idea would be out through cracks in the cement, under the linoleum and under the carpet. But he doesn't think so. Now, I'm not a plumber or a rocket scientist but wouldn't that make sense?? I feel a large bill and a headache coming on. And moldy carpet (which was just put in 2 years ago).


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