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Don't talk to me about politics

So I recently became a twitterer. A person of twit?? Anyway, I joined twitter and I've become addicted. I've found people I want to follow and people I'd love to have follow me. And then some crazy nut job shot up Tucson, Arizona and twitter went friggin nuts. Some of the people I'm following are Republicans and some are Democrats. To be fair and honest, I didn't really know or care what their prefered party was when I decided to follow them. Now I'm getting a bit irritated and have decided to "unfollow" them. It just got to be too much.

And here is why: at an early age it became clear in my family that you just didn't want to discuss religion or politics. My Nanny and Poppy, whom I absolutely ADORED, would argue (and argue, and argue) with anyone, even each other, on both of those topics if they didn't agree with them. And the arguments got heated. Way too heated. Especially about religion. So I'd go off into my bedroom, turn my TV up and blur everything else out. It just seemed to me that it caused a lot of animosity and confrontation and I wanted no part of that. So to this day I don't know jack squat about politics. And that's ok with me.

I purposefully turn the channel or turn the TV completely off if the discussion is political. Some might call it irresponsible. Don't get me wrong, I vote, and I have opinions on who I think belongs in office. Here's my system: I usually vote for the one I think is less of a liar. I voted for John McCain but not because Sarah Palin was his running mate and not because Obama is black. I just didn't think on-the-job training was what our country needed in our President. I still don't. I was very clear on that part, at least, with my friends and family when they couldn't decide on whom to vote for. And by clear I mean opinionated.

It's not that I'm completely stupid or naive when it comes to politics. I hear people talk about it (never on purpose though)and they share their opinions but I'll never really "discuss" politics. So I get the gist of things but I don't know enough really, to have a debate with anyone about it. A long time ago my Dad told me that GOP stood for the "Grand Old Poobah". He's a joker, that guy. Today I googled it and it so does not stand for that!

Anyway, it's not that I agree or disagree that Palin's camp has some responsibility in what happened in Tucson. She didn't pull the trigger. She was careless and thoughtless with her words, yes. Words, as well as actions, have repercussions. I think she's adequately smart, I like that she has 5 kids and can relate to moms/women, etc. But I don't think she's smart enough to keep her mouth closed when she needs to and she seems to suffer from foot and mouth disease. That's why I won't vote for her if she runs for president. I think she'd cause more trouble within the whole forgeign political arena than we could handle. But, she didn't make this crazy friggin nut job in AZ pull the trigger. It didn't have anything to do with her but everyone is jumping on the Hate Palin bandwagon and making her the scapegoat.

Not that I will discuss that with anyone.


  1. Clayton Thomas said...:

    Newest follower- I certainly have my own political opinions but it's almost useless to talk about without causing trouble- so I don't.



  1. wielenga said...:

    It's too bad people get so fanatic about blaming one political party or the other for this horrible crime committed by an individual (possibly mentally ill) acting alone. Interesting post...

    -just another Momster

  1. Yep controversial! ;-) I get it though. I imagine by 2012 I will have to get off facebook altogether.

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